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Mighty Mick was BORN into the "Pickin'" lifestyle when I was young, because my Father was a BOOKIE. Yeah, that kind of Bookie. I paid attention to my Dad, and over the years I picked up the FINER points of "Pickin'." You can find me on Mighty Mick's Picks on YouTube to get my FREE picks for the day. I only really pick games in the categories I consider myself an EXPERT.  Football, Boxing, and UFC being the majority of what I do. I will NEVER give someone a pick I haven't PERSONALLY taken myself. How someone can do ALL sports is beyond me. I follow at LEAST 132 College Football teams, and 32 NFL teams, which is more than enough for 1 person to digest. That's WHY I stick to what I know. To do any more would be taking a chance with YOUR money. I want the best for my followers, and will never put you at risk. That being said, you are a big boy or girl, and you have to make the final choice whether or not to pull the trigger. But KNOW THIS, you will get the very best of Mighty Mick, at ALL TIMES. So Let's Get It!

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