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I have been a professional trader for many years. As a trader I am always looking for mispriced assets. After my my research if I determine a stock is worth $10 but the price is $5, I will buy the stock. On the other hand if the price $15 and over priced, I will sell it.

I have found that sports betting there are numerous opportunities to find value or overlays everyday. The key is have an accurate way of determining the chance a team has of winning the contest.

I have developed a complex but very accurate way of determining the true odds for each contest in all professional sports. It is important to note that I only use the money lines because they directly affect that actual chance a team has of winning.

Because the public heavily bets on the favorites, the value almost always comes from wagering on underdogs.

If you want to profit following me, and you will, it is important to play all the overlays I identify and not be selective.