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Mark Hoffman has long been a behind the scenes power figure in American gambling. For more than 20 years, he has quietly advised horse racing and sports betting clients and guided them to the greatest possible profits.


Never one to beat on his chest and shout about himself, Mark was content to be the power behind Top Notch Sports, not its public face. His reasoning was valid – if he remained behind the scenes, he could move freely in Las Vegas and offshore circles, posing as just another “tourist” and “weekend gambler.” Because of that, sports books did not “lower their tone” and “change lines” if he walked into a room. Offshore books were more than glad to handle his action because they didn’t know how powerful he was. And, he could just converse with “wise guys” and play the role of interested “novice” while he picked their brain. Wise Guys and sports book insiders can’t resist “bragging” about what they know when they think it’s just another “mark” they’re talking to.

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