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My goal is to provide you with low volume high quality picks that WIN!!!  With 10+years of experience in the industry I use several important methods to success:


1. A unique disciple money management process that protects the bankroll and makes profit each year!!

2. Unemotional quality picks passing several data & trend filters that have shown profit each year!!

3. Low volume picks to better use our valuable bankroll and produce end of year profit!!


I realized a long time ago that this is not a get rich overnight investment and takes an unemotional, discipline, and committed approach to be successful.  The truth is there is a small percentage of long term success in this industry but trust me you can be successful long term.  I look at this investment as a business; the profit must exceed the cost and be worth a nice profit.  Depending on your bankroll the profit can vary but your money management plan must be consistent and with the service we can protect the bankroll during extremely rare regressions and of course cash out when we reach a certain goal to take care of cost and spend profit as you wish!!!


Please email me if you have more questions about the service at qualitysportsinvestment@gmail.com


The information I provide is for information purposes only and do not promote sports betting where is not lawfully permitted.