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New Review Submitted for KyleCovers.com on 1/28/2022

They have really accurate computer projections. Chances of winning is higher than 57%, which is so much better than the previous handicapper service I was with. I really recommend them.

Submitted by "watkinsnicky07" on 1/28/2022

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New Review Submitted for KBSports.cappertek.com on 1/23/2022

Hands down the most consistent capper I’ve followed on this site. I’ve used a few since I’ve been on this site, but everyone gets cold after a certain period of time. However, KBSPorts Picks every sport at a consistent rate. Will you win 80-100% of the picks? No. Nobody does. But you can definitely win with these picks over time. Tennis is their bread and butter. Even when players are a set down…I’ve tailed the tennis picks and have won with better odds. If you want to win consistently…follow KBSports. 

Submitted by "AndrewToney" on 1/23/2022

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New Review Submitted for RochesterTitansSports.com on 1/22/2022

Buyer beware…this handicapper will sneak MMA picks in seconds before the match is over with virtually no possible way to bet them yourself. I just got a new pick alert text after the match had already ended. 

Submitted by "thrtzn" on 1/22/2022

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New Review Submitted for WagerTalk.com on 1/14/2022

dont trust wagertalk i used various cappers they offer on the site and they all stink cant pick worth anything total waste of my time and money





Submitted by "jagsfan1" on 1/14/2022

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New Review Submitted for FreeWinners.net on 12/23/2021

It is hard to believe this company is allowed to be on the radio. They use words like guarantees, speak about fixing games, etc. They ask for $10,000 up front and promise 5 guaranteed wins. I did not pay that, but did a smaller amount, only to go 3-8 with their plays. They act like it's unheard of that they have this bad streak. STAY AWAY from this company. 

Submitted by "Soonerfan87" on 12/23/2021

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New Review Submitted for VIPSportsLasVegas.com on 12/18/2021

Submitted by "JeffSprague" on 12/18/2021

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New Review Submitted for SteadyPicks.com on 12/9/2021

I signed up for free on the site after hearing about them on a podcast. They gave me a few plays the first day and they went 2-4. No big deal everyone has off days. Cost me a few bucks but no biggie. It's still gambling at the end of the day.

Next day they tried to get me to purchase a package, I told them not until they give me some winners for few days. Also asked them where I can see their track record of plays in the past and got the runaround. They claim they are transparent but I cannot find their past plays anywhere worth believing.

I don't pay a penny unless I get winners and I see a track record.

Seems to be another scam tout operation with typical bait and switch tactics. I would not recommend.

Submitted by "Pontekris" on 12/9/2021

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New Review Submitted for StuFeiner.com on 12/7/2021

Stuart's picks are not good. No better than somebody just flipping a coin. He is a good entertainer and an even better salesmen but he consistently loses money week after week, month after month, year after year, and decade after decade.

He just cannot make money betting on sports, he can only make money from people paying him to help them make money betting on sports, but after a few weeks you realize he just cannot do it.

I have tried his picks before, and have followed his picks for years now. He has one good weekend, and then 5 bad weekends but he still pushes that one good weekend he had 5 weeks ago and forgets the constant losing since. If there was a chart that tracked the money lost from all of Stu's picks from the day he started, that chart would follow a consistent downward red arrow for his entire career.

There is nothing "professional", "sharp" or "expert" about his picks or the betting advice he offers.

If I can give anyone out there some advice, do not pay Stu for picks, because he will consistently lose your money until there is nothing left. He has been doing that for decades now.

Submitted by "Moneysharp" on 12/7/2021

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New Review Submitted for VegasDaveMoney.com on 11/23/2021

Claims to be "the goat" of sports betting. Yet I have about a 20% win rate with him, get non stop marketing spam, and under delivers on his services. Don't let this show boater fool you. There's a method to his madness on social media because it works at suckering people in to at least giving his "systems" a go. Once you take that leap of faith, good luck getting any type of refund even when he provides little to no value. He always claims how he doesn't "scam" because he provides picks. Well, while that is technically true, not knowing the packages before purchasing, how they work, what you can expect to bet, how much bankroll you'd actually need to even make up the cost of the package let alone profit, and the spam (oh god the spam) has to be on verge of one of the bigger scams I've ever seen. No explanations on how each package works (all are vastly different) until you actually purchase one. The moment I bought 1 package I was non stop spammed via text, email, and the telegram service...nothing to do with picks, just all about marketing his packages. It has to be the most spam I've EVER gotten, EVER. A basic example to give you an idea of his "WHALE package" as he touts to be the best of the best. It cost me $200, once I finally received some picks and the units to use, it was legit 2 SMALL unit bets that based on my bankroll of $2,000 and following the unit system to keep risk management in check, even if I had WON both bets, I would be -$180 after the package cost (YES AFTER WINNING). I kept thinking there had to be more to it but there wasn't. This was NOT one incident. One bet I got I would have needed to have around a $60,000 bankroll just to break even after factoring in the cost of the package...this needs to be way more transparent and or they need to allow for refunds when you can't even expect to breakeven even while WINNING...one can dream... While he does seem fairly transparent on losing weekends and such (props to him for that and was honestly the reason I gave him a shot), there is just no way you can make his packages worthwhile without a good size bankroll. I could see it working for people with maybe $20,000+ to sports bet with, but other than that you just can't trust his packages to make you anything but put you in the hole. I have around a 20% win rate with him. I honestly can pick more accurately with my own Power Ratings system and will continue to do so from now on while using a simple 3-5% unit system. I'm chalking up all the packages I bought to see how it would pan out as a giant mistake to learn from. Learn how to power rate/rank and create lines on your own, I promise you that you will be way better off than spending a dime on people like this.

I bought the service. All they do is send you 500 marketing messages. Tried to cancel within 24 hours - before any service provided. They said no. First off - this service is horrible. They don't explain the system until you buy - they just tout a stupid track record. Beyond that - when you buy a product - do not receive what you bought - and then request a refund before any service has been performed you should be issued a refund. It was obvious from the start that this service is a total sham - and once I saw that - I requested a refund and was threatened that they would "fight it". Well - businesses like this should be 100% shut down - and their credit card processor should be taken away from them. I issued a process for a charge back - and would never ever recommend signing up or buying anything from this fraud of a human. For $1750 I basically got 500 messages to buy the $5000 a product - this dude is what is wrong with the internet.

Business is deceiving customers and lying to customers to get them to pay for a service that they do not provide. I purchased a package from Vegas Dave that was a special that included 10 whale picks, once purchased Dave sent 2 picks (1 whale & 1 regular) and 8 plays that combined those 2 plays different ways. I immediately contacted them and was told that was the package i delivered. I explained that the package i purchased included 10 whale plays and was $100/whale play (their advertising). i have been communicating with them since and they are not accusing me of Fraud because i am asking for a refund and that the package i received is the package I bought. They are a scam and will lie and cheat to get people to buy these packages. Once you purchase a certain package they will not provide the service. I have attached a photo of the advertising.

Submitted by "topochico" on 11/23/2021

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New Review Submitted for Dimers.com on 11/23/2021

Dimers is awesome!

I use Dimers daily to help me make my bets. They offer a lot of great services all for free. Things they offer like betting trends, player props, daily picks, and Quick Picks are very useful to me. Also they have a lot of exclusive promos to new books I have signed up for as well. Couple of pretty cool and informative sports betting podcasts I listen too as well.

Follow them on Twitter at @DimersCom too, a lot of useful info and insights they post there too.

Give Dimers.com a try, you won't be disappointed.

Submitted by "Rogerwilco" on 11/23/2021

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New Complaint Reported for GuaranteedPicksToday.com on 11/19/2021

I purchase a seven day access plan and I did'nt receive no access to none of the picks for those 7 days. I tried calling the customer support number it went straight to dial tone as if their contact number was not in service. So yes I got rip off big time. So be very careful with this so called guranteedpicks.com company spend your money at your own risk.

Submitted by "JerryG117" on 11/19/2021

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New Review Submitted for JayThompsonSports.com on 11/12/2021

Buyer beware. Jaythompson is a joke. Not only is this guy wrong more than he is right. He doesn’t send the picks after payment. 1st round, I pay minutes after his text at 2 pm. 7 pm rolls around and still no picks but games started. He sends the 2 picks for games that haven’t started and goes 1-1. 2nd round, I pay minutes after his text. 4 emails and multiple requests they haven’t replied or sent picks. Complete scam. With so many other options stay far away from this guy. 

Submitted by "Thewah63" on 11/12/2021

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New Complaint Reported for SoccerInsider.info on 11/10/2021

They have a %90 hit ratio and I know it's my fault. :-) Anyway when I bought tips, (soccerinsider.info) their hit ratıo drop to %40's. But they didn't change results.(yet) By the time all tipster sites on betting-advise.com where I found soccerinsider.info are simultaneous. They renew at the same time. (new tips. records, etc.) Maybe all the sites owned by the same person or scammer community.

Submitted by "Ashina" on 11/10/2021

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New Complaint Reported for Betting-Advise.com on 11/9/2021

I bought tips one of the tipsters! of this site which ıs soccerinsider.info. They have a %90 hit ratio and I know it's my fault. :-) Also their licences are fake for sure. Anyway when I bought tips, (soccerinsider.info) their hit ratıo drop to %40's. But they didn't change results.(yet) By the time all tipster sites on betting-advise.com are simultaneous. They renew at the same time. (new tips. records, etc.) Maybe all the sites owned by the same person or scammer community.

Submitted by "Ashina" on 11/9/2021

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New Review Submitted for WorldEliteSyndicate.com on 11/7/2021

 These guys are real deal, anyone who wants proof feel free to email me, DavidImoto@hotmail.com

I've been with them since 2016 and haven't looked at another service since.

There is the occasional higher lined selection so if you don't have a big enough bankroll to handle it then they aren't for you.

Follow them religiously with a unit scale budget that matches your bankroll and the only thing that's going to piss you off is why you didn't try them sooner.

I have already made my first mil with them and nearing on my second, don't believe me I'll send you proof of bankroll/tickets.

Good Luck to all and hope this helps anyone out there that's been wondering if they are for real or not.



Submitted by "DI2021" on 11/7/2021

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New Review Submitted for Kingpin.pro on 10/29/2021

The best app for Sports Betting! You can follow the best handicappers in the world or place your own picks for free and win a prize $$$ every month! It’s really fun and easy to use. You can also chat in the app and have fun during the games. I’ve been making a lot of money since a joined. Download it you won’t regret!

Submitted by "LMtipster" on 10/29/2021

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New Review Submitted for JoeWizSports.com on 10/22/2021

All these tout radio clowns hide behind the fact they get air time on ESPN or other major networks. This guy is no different.

I heard him pushing his nonsense on the radio so I gave his picks a try for a few weekends and let me tell you for a 100% fact this guy cannot make you money betting on sports despite his nonsense claims of being an expert or whatever on the radio. So don't waste your time and money.

I only paid him a small amount so I could care less about that, but the money I lost betting his shitty picks I can't get that back.

Just because ESPN lets you on the radio at 2am in the morning for god knows what reason (probably because you pay them for that air time), doesn't mean you know shit about betting on sports Joe, your picks suck! Consistently suck!

Submitted by "red909" on 10/22/2021

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New Review Submitted for TheWagerSpecialist.com on 10/20/2021

They're legit. Been with them the last 6 months and haven't had a losing month yet.

Submitted by "austinw633" on 10/20/2021

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New Review Submitted for LVWiseGuys.com on 10/18/2021

I've been a verified member 

of Las Vegas Wise Guys for 

many years and their service 

makes everyone money every 

month. All of their members 

would verify that fact. 

-Keith Buschur 

Submitted by "Buschurjwa" on 10/18/2021

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New Review Submitted for HarryBondi.com on 10/17/2021

Harry Bondi sports not any different than all the scamdicappers out there.Yeah he hit his 5 star in college yesterday but what he does not tell you is he lost his 4 star and split his 3 stars.Last week yeah he hit is 7 star on sunday but lost his 3 stars sunday and monday which is a big losing pro weekend.Also last saturday he lost a lot more than he won.I can say that for practically every weekend this season

Submitted by "cuse1996" on 10/17/2021

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New Review Submitted for VegasSharpPlayers.com on 10/14/2021

I have used these guys for 2 years now. Not all of their picks are here and they are much better then what cappertek shows. Jason Larkin also offers DFS and I have cashed big with him in fantasy winning $1,000 or more in 5 straight days. They are a excellent follow on twitter to and hold contests constantly with cash prizes. They post free picks and recaps daily. I use consensus plays which is the best package they offer. 

Submitted by "PcPaul" on 10/14/2021

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New Review Submitted for VSiN.com on 10/12/2021
Brent Musburger must be rolling over in his grave with the direction Vsin has gone in the recent years. They used to provide useful information and content to sports bettors but now all they do is push sportsbooks 24/7!! Another example of a company losing their soul to the big corporate machine and selling out their loyal customer base for profit and advertising... what a waste!

Submitted by "sportsbetguru911" on 10/12/2021

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New Complaint Reported for DynamitePicks.com on 10/7/2021

Submitted by "destfan07" on 10/7/2021

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New Review Submitted for DonnyAction.wordpress.com on 9/14/2021
1 and 8 in NFL, 0 and 18 in College Football over that last weekend (11/12/13 Sept 2021) and this guy is a Pro?? I think not. Steer Clear!

Submitted by "kdimke" on 9/14/2021

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New Review Submitted for TheWhalePicks.com on 9/7/2021
This is 110% a scam. First, they never answer an email. Second, the pick now tip later program is 100% a lie. They send you emails with different levels of certainty and they come up with new names daily with their "Platinum" picks and tell you that you can't have them unless you tip more. Then they send emails out claiming they were winners when in reality they go 2-7 across the board. They give you parlay and round-robin picks and only grade them on winning days. "The Whale" is a cheat. It's a huge marketing scam.

Submitted by "Webman1972" on 9/7/2021

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New Review Submitted for TeleSports.net on 9/1/2021
Reporting not having cappertek banner on site. Old service who scammed out and created a new website

Submitted by "SeanE123" on 9/1/2021

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New Review Submitted for ItsVegasDave.com on 8/26/2021
Nobody wins 60% over long term. Pro cappers who make a living off sports betting hit less than 55% in the long run over thousands of bets. For instance, take a look at Betting Resource, a handicapping service that most bettors overlook because of winning (the hit just 52.7% over period of years and thousands of bets) but grind out excellent profits long term using the 3% compounding strategy to place the bets. Guys like who promise quick richness with game of the years, months, guaranteed winners, 60% or 70% win rate will make you go bust fast and you will be reloading in no time.

Submitted by "VanCanucks" on 8/26/2021

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New Review Submitted for PickMonitor.com on 8/26/2021
Not a good monitor. Handicappers with fake record. Handicappers can pay them to have better position and fake records.

Submitted by "VanCanucks" on 8/26/2021

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New Review Submitted for BettingResource.com on 8/26/2021
under the radar and overlooked service. good mm. good spreadsheet. good picks. quick responses. if you are patient and like to grind it out this is a service for you.

Submitted by "VanCanucks" on 8/26/2021

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New Review Submitted for TheMachinesPicks.com on 8/16/2021
Man joined a couple weeks ago and it's been an awesome ride! Was so worried about this service being a scam, but it seems like the couple reports saying that have no idea what they are talking about! Up over 150 units in August as these dudes have been fire! No idea where the scam reports come from, these dudes are the REAL DEAL! If this is a scam, I want to be part of this machines picks scam daily lol.

Submitted by "anthonygman" on 8/16/2021

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New Review Submitted for TroyWins.com on 8/16/2021
Thinks One day free proves that he is good. Texted in for a trial and he gave me 1 day of 3 picks including high juice, went 1-2 then tried to sell me info play or some crap. Nothing but a salesman

Submitted by "Td5588" on 8/16/2021

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New Complaint Reported for Juventus-Bet.com on 8/15/2021
I'm a scammer, after paying for 1 ladder, they pay me more money after receiving 3 tips and making more money.

Submitted by "nntd3839" on 8/15/2021

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New Review Submitted for BetOnline-Fixed.com on 8/15/2021
are scammers they send 3 consecutive losing tips and don't answer

Submitted by "nntd3839" on 8/15/2021

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New Review Submitted for BostonJoeWins.com on 7/14/2021
Here is an email threat from Joe because a few of his customers have left bad reviews for his service on CapperTek:


On Tue, Jul 13, 2021 at 7:42 PM joe costa wrote:

Fuck off, with your fraud leads and go get a real fucking job fuckfaces !!!

And better take my bostonjoewins website off of your mother fucking website and saying iam a scam ! You guys are a fucking scammers !

I will give you (1) week to take me and my website off of your fraud website or Iam going to have my webmaster build me a sports handicapping lead website with your name cappertek in the domain and have it appear in the Google search about or below your domain and tell everybody who is looking for sports handicapping leads this football season to run from you not walk because you sell (5) year old leads !!! You think Iam. Joking ? Try me, again (1) week or the payback begins...you fucking frauds !!


Guy seems like a real class act. Not sure why anyone would ever leave him a bad review.

Submitted by "CapperTek" on 7/14/2021

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New Review Submitted for RichieRichPicks.com on 6/25/2021


Submitted by "sippymuncy" on 6/25/2021

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New Review Submitted for TopNotchSports.tips on 6/8/2021
All high pressure sales tactics, just want to up-sell you on everything and not provide you with what you paid for. They have absolutely ZERO interest in giving you wining picks or making you money. All they want to do is get your money with pushy sales guys and fast talking jabronis. Steer clear of these guys for your own good.

Submitted by "Gobi5" on 6/8/2021

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New Review Submitted for GridironGold.com on 5/26/2021
con artist to the max, consistent losing picks, his tip sheets blow, I regret dealing with this scammer! he is no "expert" by any means

Submitted by "asn548976" on 5/26/2021

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New Review Submitted for HockeyBaseballGuru.cappertek.com on 4/25/2021
You're no baseball guru. Stick with hockey!!!!!!

Submitted by "bamafan43" on 4/25/2021

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New Review Submitted for ThePhillyGodfather.com on 4/24/2021
Paid this guy $150 for a month of picks. Started out picking 50% the first week so I gave him the benefit of the doubt and stuck with him. Who knew the 50% was going to be the best he could do. The rest of my monthly service guy tanks completely! Ended up going like 40% for the entire month I paid for. Complete fraud. Had the balls to contact me and ask if I wanted to renew! He has other cappers on his site but no way I give any of them a try after what I went through with the guy who owns the service.

"The Philly Fraudfather" would be a more fitting name.

Submitted by "Furio1980" on 4/24/2021

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New Review Submitted for BarstoolBets.com on 4/18/2021
hahahaha this jerkoff paper hands Portnoy who is famous for buying high and selling low now wants to tout sports betting picks to his brain dead following! hahaha fucking classic! jerkoff heeb fell ass backwards into millions of dollars and wants to screw people even more with his shitty sports bets and shitty stock and crypto advice fuck off loser hahahaha

Submitted by "Myles1173" on 4/18/2021

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