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New Review Submitted for Dimers.com on 12/19/2023
Dimers.com Review

I am delighted to share my enthusiasm for Dimers, a truly game-changing platform that has revolutionized my approach to sports betting. This website has become an indispensable resource, providing an array of powerful tools that have significantly enhanced my betting strategy and overall success.

From the moment I explored the features on Dimers, it was evident that this platform was designed with both novice and seasoned bettors in mind. The user-friendly interface makes navigation a breeze, ensuring that even those new to sports betting can easily harness the full potential of the tools available.

One of the standout features of Dimers is its comprehensive data analytics. The site presents an extensive range of statistics, trends, and insights that cover a wide array of sports. The depth of information allows users to make informed decisions, whether they're betting on football, basketball, baseball, or any other sport. It's like having a team of expert analysts at your fingertips.

The live odds tracking feature is a game-changer. With real-time updates on odds movements, I can make split-second decisions, capitalizing on favorable changes in the betting landscape. This has undoubtedly given me a competitive edge, and I've seen a noticeable improvement in my overall profitability.

Another highlight is the customizable alerts system. Dimers lets me set up personalized alerts for specific teams, players, or odds movements. This level of customization ensures that I never miss a potential betting opportunity, and it has proven to be an invaluable tool for staying ahead of the game.

Customer support on Dimers deserves a special mention. The responsive and knowledgeable team is always ready to assist with any queries, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable user experience.

In conclusion, Dimers is a must-have for anyone serious about sports betting. The platform's cutting-edge tools, user-friendly interface, and commitment to providing valuable insights have transformed my betting strategy. If you're looking to take your betting game to the next level, Dimers is the ultimate companion on your journey to success. Kudos to the creators for developing such an exceptional and indispensable resource!

Submitted by "SelukWinners" on 12/19/2023

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New Review Submitted for Dimers.com on 11/25/2023
Dimers.com Review

DIMERS is nothing but shills for the sportsbooks

Submitted by "SBShills" on 11/25/2023

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New Review Submitted for Dimers.com on 8/8/2023
Dimers.com Review

Used to use their suggested best bets and parlays, until I started realizing they were costing me more money than just me making my own picks...a lot of fluff, no substance or sharp info you can really bank on. Study, research, and go with your own gut, all these types of services are useless.

Submitted by "Puups911" on 8/8/2023

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New Review Submitted for Dimers.com on 2/14/2023
Dimers.com Review
picks are trash - no clue

Submitted by "henrysodano" on 2/14/2023

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New Review Submitted for Dimers.com on 1/12/2023
Dimers.com Review





Submitted by "HowBoutDemBoys88" on 1/12/2023

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New Review Submitted for Dimers.com on 12/14/2022
Dimers.com Review

Dimers is the real deal! I've been following them for a little under a month now, and have won multiple times in multiple sports. And I like the way they drop their reasoning for placing each bet. Their fundamental analysis goes hand in hand with my statistical analysis 99% of the time, great job!

Submitted by "Forty40club" on 12/14/2022

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New Review Submitted for Dimers.com on 11/15/2022
Dimers.com Review

The picks and parlays they put out are trash. They're "FREE" for a reason. Not experienced professionals or actual sports bettors at all just a bunch of randoms that like sports and have online tech knowledge but should NOT be giving any sports advice.

It's just a new wave tech company that wants to appear on the outside that they have good betting advice and knowledge just so they can push sportsbooks and show you ads for various online betting services.

Just pay a professional capper for the real picks and save your time and loss of money.

Submitted by "Papariley1980" on 11/15/2022

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New Review Submitted for Dimers.com on 9/13/2022
Dimers.com Review

why are some of my review posts taken down??? how can capptek be trustworthy website if they remove legit reviews?!? , my screen-shot below is legit , all the parlays they advise for an entire week , all these parlays can be confirmed on dimers website , all losers >>

dont trust capptek if reviews keep getting removed , everything I post is legit , dont protect frauds please!!


Submitted by "mysticman1" on 9/13/2022

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New Review Submitted for Dimers.com on 9/6/2022
Dimers.com Review

these frauds gave out serena williams massive money-line favorite over the past weekend , it was like -200 or something for her to win , brain dead money-line favorite and it lost ha ha ha thats the type of inside info you get with dimers real sharps over there who make the bets

I tried going back on the site to get a screen-shot of it so I can post it here but I cant find any reference to it any more I guess they took it down kinda embarrassing

im sure they are going to pick tiger woods for the next major golf tourney and pick tom brady to win mvp and pick lance armstrong to win the next tour de france and pick donald trump to win the next presidential election and pick more brain dead favorite bets so they can keep they sportsbooks sponsorships and money rolling in , the insight to sports betting they provide is really unmatched ha ha ha


Submitted by "mysticman1" on 9/6/2022

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New Review Submitted for Dimers.com on 8/21/2022
Dimers.com Review

that last review is funny af !! I wonder who wrote it , so cool to throw a token girl to the ownership mix to make the company seem more progressive , but on to the real dimers hasnt hit a parlay since god knows when probably never , just throwing shit against the wall to see what sticks while advising their users , most who are new to sports betting , because thats who they target , to take high risk parlays and putting them in deep holes thats almost impossible to get out of betting this way ,  just making money for the sportsbooks they get paid from like draftkings crooks , I have listed all the parlays they advised this past week , all losers of course >>>

keep generating income for the books and yourselves dimers youre doing noble work , youre really providing "quality content to the sports betting space" , not sure how us real sports bettors survived before you guys came on the scene. at least capptek is leaving my reviews up for now , nothing is false I am saying.

da da dimers are la la losers


Submitted by "mysticman1" on 8/21/2022

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New Review Submitted for Dimers.com on 8/13/2022
Dimers.com Review

Dimers is a rock solid sports betting startup. The 4 founders, Adam Fiske, Katie Prowd, Darryl Woodford, and Nick Slade are all accomplished, and are determined to bring quality content to the sports betting space.

Seems like the any negative reviews are from jelly competitors in the industry who are trying to sully Dimers' good name because they're quickly becoming the leaders in the space.

Av a go at Dimers.com, you will not find any better sports betting content anywhere on the web.




Learn more about Cipher Sports Technology Group (Dimers parent company)

Cipher Sports Technology Group, an Australian sports betting company, has raised $5 million in a Series A round.

The company plans on using the proceeds to expand in the United States, a market where it already has a presence and where it sees potential outsized growth as more people become comfortable betting online. Cipher also does business in Australia and plans on expanding to other countries in the next 12 to 18 months.

Cygnet Capital, an investment group based in Melbourne, Australia, led the round. A group of high net-worth individuals participated, as well. Cipher would not disclose its post-money valuation, revenues or other financial information about the company.

Cipher owns and operates consumer-facing websites such as dimers.com in the United States featuring the company’s proprietary technology that helps bettors predict outcomes in games. The company makes money through advertising on the websites, and referrals to online sports books such as BetMGM, DraftKings and PointsBet.

Cipher also generates revenue in the business-to-business channel, including selling products and services to sports books and media companies. For instance, in May, Cipher closed a deal with Advance Local, a U.S. publishing company, where Cipher’s content and tools are shown on the PennLive.com, LehighValleyLive.com and GulfLive.com websites that Advance owns.

Cipher is operating in a crowded field that includes major brands such as the Action Network, which the Better Collective acquired last year for $240 million, and Covers Media Group, which Tribune Media bought in 2015....full article on Forbes, read more.

Submitted by "Furphy" on 8/13/2022

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New Review Submitted for Dimers.com on 8/6/2022
Dimers.com Review

great parlay dimers, just take 3 random mlb run lines close your eyes and hope to cash a risky +584 parlay , remember if you win, dimers doesnt make any money they entire business model is based on getting money from sportsbooks in return for finding them losing players, they have no interest in giving you winning information because sportsbook have no interest in paying them to find or refer profitable players.

just look above; they advise you to make a random high risk parlay bet and right below it is an ad for draftkings, the shadiest and tightest sportsbook on the planet, it has been proven they limit players as soon as they show a slight sign of making a profit, or better yet , players simply showing a sign that they will not lose enough money for draftkings liking long term.

so remember boys and girls, IF YOU WIN, DIMERS LOSES, think about it they have no incentive whatsoever to provide winning information or advise you to make smart bets

Submitted by "mysticman1" on 8/6/2022

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New Review Submitted for Dimers.com on 7/18/2022
Dimers.com Review

Not sure why my last review of dimers was taken down??? maybe capptek and dimers are in bed together????

well let's see if this one gets taken down

Dimers promotes bad betting habits , they want to generate money for books because that is ultimately how they get paid , every day they posts and showcase some bs parlay or insane prop bet at insane odds.

Look at this article https://www.dimers.com/news/the-top-10-gambling-stories-of-2021-9139

they showcase risky betting methods that a few select lucky people who won their risky bets, nobody who bets like these people win over the long term and countless lives and families have been destroyed along the way gambling like this or chasing these types of risky bets and dimers promotes this type of gambling daily as how you will win if you listen to them but the fact is they are generating customers and money for books they are affiliated with and who pays them.

they exploit "get rich quick" type thinking amongst sports bettors to feed their entire operation , going after new and young bettors to feed to the books in return for big paybacks when they ultimately lose.

man sports betting has really gone to shit lately and it seems like its being driven by newage sportsbooks like draftkings and their partners like dimers who are leading sports bettors down a path of losing.

even the DK CEO admits it in this article https://www.legalsportsreport.com/71027/draftkings-ceo-wants-higher-hold-less-sharp-betting/

he doesnt even try to hide their scam, "This is an entertainment activity. People who are doing this for profit are not the players we want." , so that is exactly who dimers feeds them, players who dont or wont profit.

sports betting can be a real thing, like the stock market when you get actual sharp betting info and bet on the right things. The handicapping industry can turn into a field where people actually analyze and develop claims to place their money on based on winning formulas and insight instead , these parlays "winners" being showcased put a bad wrap on sports betting and the work it takes to be profitable and successful over time.

dimers is like the wolf of wall street type pushers of worthless penny stocks of the sports betting world, find dummies to feed worthless betting information to and profit off of them when they lose , just sick.


Submitted by "mysticman1" on 7/18/2022

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New Review Submitted for Dimers.com on 6/29/2022
Dimers.com Review

Dimers got some useful tools to use, but they picks they put out are a complete joke and you can see they working for those particular sports-books they promo'ing.

For example today, they giving a "free pick" that consist of parlaying two MLB props for +1800 odds!! Seriously?? Just go play the lotto!! lmfao

They telling you to parlay "Machado to hit a home run" and "Devers to hit a home run" for a +1800 payout, come on man, just admit you trying to generate money for the books and don't disguise it as a "free pick" like you doin us a favor or giving us inside info, a lot of dumb people new to sports betting will fall for this type of stupid ass bet and dig themselves into a deep hole chasing these types of bets.

I use dimers for the free tools and trends and game data they offer, I do my own research with that stuff, I'd stay away from them when they try to push non-sense like this!


Submitted by "PlusEVChaser" on 6/29/2022

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New Review Submitted for Dimers.com on 3/14/2022
Dimers.com Review

Don't link your sportsbook account with them!! They will steal all your information and resell to other sportsbooks!! Stay away from dimers! THIEVES

Submitted by "mysticman" on 3/14/2022

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New Review Submitted for Dimers.com on 11/23/2021
Dimers.com Review

Dimers is awesome!

I use Dimers daily to help me make my bets. They offer a lot of great services all for free. Things they offer like betting trends, player props, daily picks, and Quick Picks are very useful to me. Also they have a lot of exclusive promos to new books I have signed up for as well. Couple of pretty cool and informative sports betting podcasts I listen too as well.

Follow them on Twitter at @DimersCom too, a lot of useful info and insights they post there too.

Give Dimers.com a try, you won't be disappointed.

Submitted by "Rogerwilco" on 11/23/2021

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New Review Submitted for PickDawgz.com on 4/4/2024

Not sure why cappertek has removed a TON of negative reviews for these guys (including mine), I thought the purpose of this website was to expose scamming frauds like these guys and clean up the sports tout community?? I guess cappertek is in on the hustle.....SMH

I have re-posted my original review that was removed here:

Pick Dawgz.......have used them on two separate occasions. Back in 2020 and then again this year.  Could be wrong on the 2020, but have definitely used them twice.  I used them in football and basketball both college and pro. I have never won a dime with them.  They are awful.....the only thing they offer you are picks until you get even. I have n