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New Review Submitted for on 7/10/2024

There is no "Carlos", Bet on Carlos is one of many fronts for the Raketech boiler-room pump and dump sports picks scam. They acquired many scam operations a few years ago and trying to break into the USA market and they they run an entire network of these types of scam handicapping services, they have tons of employees and they just make cold calls all day trying to lure sports bettors into buying their worthless betting information.

Raketech company information:

Raketech Ltd operates as an online affiliate and content marketing company. The Company provides web based marketing services for casino, sports betting, poker, online community, and social media products. Raketech serves customers in Malta and USA.


Headquarters Regions
Greater Chicago Area, Great Lakes, Midwestern US
Founded Date
Johan Svensson

Raketech is a online affiliate and content marketing company, with expertise in delivering comparison services, online guides, communities and social media products for the online gaming, sports and consumer finance industry.

Lead Generation
RakeTech operates in iGaming affiliate marketing, focusing on generating high-quality leads for its business partners.

Brand Exposure
The company provides brand exposure services to enhance visibility and recognition for its partners in the iGaming industry.

Data Insights
RakeTech offers data analysis services, utilizing insights to optimize the acquisition process and improve strategic planning.

Activation and Reactivation
Services aimed at engaging new users and re-engaging existing ones are provided to maximize customer lifetime value.

Comparison Products
RakeTech develops comparison platforms that help users make informed decisions by comparing different iGaming services.

Community Products
The company builds community platforms to foster engagement and interaction among users interested in iGaming.

Submitted by "RaketechScam" on 7/10/2024

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New Complaint Reported for on 6/26/2024

STAY AWAY!!!! I tried them and they're ok I just wasn't betting enough to really get into it. So when I told them to cancel I get a '" Go fuck yourself and  "you fucking moron" classy company .good luck to you if you get involved .sounds shady!

Submitted by "petehnm" on 6/26/2024

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New Review Submitted for on 6/23/2024

Alan, great run in MLB.  Really like both NFL Futures you sent.  Cannot wait for football season!  Thank you so much.

John Andrews.

Submitted by "JAndrews" on 6/23/2024

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New Review Submitted for on 5/26/2024

I’ve now tried them out like 2-3 times thinking it would be better each time and definitely isn’t I highly recommend saving your money. He’s VERY inconsistent and only wins every now and then. He posts his few wins everywhere so looks like he’s doing well but I just did a month package and only won like 4 bets and lost about 20 plus. I lost $800 in first few days betting with him. I also tried to cancel but he said he doesn’t do that which is unprofessional and shady ''🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ Save your money he’s not worth it at ALL!! 

Submitted by "Brad21493" on 5/26/2024

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New Review Submitted for on 5/19/2024

DONT FALL FOR THE SCAM ! @Thevegasshark on instagram is a whole scam, the man behind it is a fraud! the packages are fake and fool you to take your money and get blocked! do not pay them!

Submitted by "vegassharkkk" on 5/19/2024

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New Review Submitted for on 5/18/2024

YDC is trash. Besides regularly being down several units per week/month, the only picks provided are favorites ranging from -110 to -175. When YDC sends out his picks there is context on odds or which betting app was used. After games finish he will only broadcast wins and makes up “runs” to fool potential customers. Of all the cappers I’ve used, YDC is the worst capper by far. 

Submitted by "younggunthar" on 5/18/2024

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New Complaint Reported for on 5/14/2024

Bought the “lock of the day” bet for a week and EVERY SINGLE BET LOST. Was drawn to them because of the ‘100% guarantee’ but then they are sleazeballs and it’s not actually guaranteed in the fine print. If you do purchase their bets then just fade them and you’ll do great 😆. Pretty sleazy to lie about the guarantee thing tho, that’s some real scumbag behavior.

Submitted by "TurdFerguson" on 5/14/2024

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New Complaint Reported for on 5/7/2024

At first I was quite okay with them as I have an all exclusive package with them. Things took a turn when I bought their lock of the year in January 2024. Unfortunately it did not win and thus I was eligible for a refund. Till at the moment in May 2024 they haven’t paid back the refund and they have stopped responding to my texts. They also threatened with legal charges not to post anything negative against them but I will do so as I have proof that I’m not lying. I just want to be refunded my money back!!!

Submitted by "Mike78" on 5/7/2024

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New Review Submitted for on 5/6/2024

Ever since ATS sold the company their only interest is showing a profit for shareholders you are better off buying the company stock 

Submitted by "pjr44ann" on 5/6/2024

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New Review Submitted for on 3/26/2024
I have been on OddsJam for about 8 months. Here is what I can tell you. Their algorithms are awful, and their recommended bets should be avoided. Customer service has no understanding of the basic math behind any of it, and the process and site, is based upon the old school scam of giving everyone a free pick. You remember that old school scam where you call a number and they tell you a team to bet on for Sunday's football games? The phone number would tell 1/2 the callers one bet, and the other half the other side. 50% of the people win and think the guy is a genius, and sign up for his weekly picks and start paying money.

Oddsjam is a much more organized, resourceful, and complicated version of that.

Here is the issue with OddsJam. Their entire process is built on a foundational theory that is completely opinion and not based on math. The theory being that they are correctly calculating CLVs (closing line values). If you understand positive EV gambling at all, you know that the primary goal (although not always), is to beat CLV. As long as you are doing that 70% or more of the time.... it is a mathematical fact that you will win in the long run. That part is true. However, OddsJam refuses to discuss, or explain the gory details behind how they are getting their CLVs. So while you think you are beating CLVs more than 70% of the time, you actually do not know if that is true.

Furthermore, if you truly are beating CLV that often, than it is virtually impossible... after a certain number of bets.... to be losing money. Think of it this way.... if you win $2 every time a coin comes up heads.... and you only lose $1 when it comes up tails, then you would win money in the long run. Certainly after 5 coin flips you might lose money. And after 20, 50, or 100 coin flips you might lose some money. But anybody who has the most basic understanding of probability and math, understands that after 500, 1000, 10000 coin flips, it would be virtually impossible to lose money on the aforementioned coin flip proposition.

The same holds true for positive EV betting, and beating the CLV. If you are beating the CLV 70% of the time or more, in the short term you could lose money, but in the long term it is virtually impossible. After 1000, 2000, 5000 bets, it is impossible to be down. The ONLY way to be losing in that coin flip scenario is if it were a weighted coin. And the only way to be losing in the positive EV scenario is if you are actually NOT beating the CLV 70% of the time or more.

So aside from the theoretical and mathematical analysis that proves this, I have personal experience proving this. Me and a friend signed up for OddsJam. We both have an extremely strong background in probability and mathematics. We both completely understand that positive EV betting can, and should work..... as long as you are TRULY beating CLV at a rate of 70% or more. The key is.... is the site that is giving you picks, using a functional algorithm that gives true CLV. There was no way to know that for sure with OddsJam, because they barely explain how they get CLV, and their staff doesn't understand it. So for $50 a month, we figured we'd check it out.

For a few months, it was up and down.... and it actually looked promising with some money won in there. but remember the old school scam.... if OddsJam gives a free month to enough customers, 1/2 of them will win some money and start paying the fees. so us winning for a few months was nice, but not nearly enough for long term confidence. And then it hit... the losses piled up. But my friend and I understand variance well enough that a bit of losing meant almost nothing. Remember... in the short term, you can lose some money on that amazing coin flip deal you were offered, but that doesn't man it is a bad bet.

Same goes for losing with OddsJam for a little bit. But the longer the losing goes on for, the more proof you have that the system does not work. OddsJam themselves had told us that the chances of being down money after 1000 bets, is only about a 5% chance. You can use a binomial calculator online to see this as well. So when I was down in a month in which I had placed 1200 bets, it was disconcerting, but not ridiculous.... I mean after all, a 5% chance is not unbelievable to have it happen.

But then a second month passed, in which I had 1100 bets, and I lost money that month too. The chances of back to back months in the red are 5% x 5% ... or about a 1/400 chance. Still not impossible, although unlikely. But finally, I had a 3rd month in a row... with 1100 bets again... and I came up losing in that month too. The chances of 3 months in a row in the red? 1 in 8000. Now you might say this is kind of crazy, but that is far from impossible. Well, you'd be right. But we've forgotten to include my friend who was also doing this separately. And wouldn't you know it, he had 3 months in a row of losing as well, with just shy of 1000 bets each month. This means the chances of him having that happen were also 1 in 8000. And that means the chances of it happening to both of us?.... a ridiculous 1 in 64,000,000. Yes, you are reading that correct..... a 1 in 64 million chance that we could have that much bad luck.

So what do you think is more probable? that 1 in 64 million thing happening, or that OddsJam is calculating CLV with completely poor methods?

I am happy to give much more detail and advice on this for anyone who wants it. But be VERY careful with OddsJam. I have some very interesting chats with the head of support at OddsJam, where they all but admit to not being totally sure if we should be using their recommended bets. Things were said, and I quote, like:

" From what we are seeing, not betting FanDuel and Caesars right now, might be best, "

and when I asked about some bets that THEY recommended to me, they said:

" You are betting very obscure markets with both of these and the lines are likely going to move throughout the day with very little being bet by other sports bettors because they are very obscure. "

and the main customer service rep himself does not even use the recommended bets, he specifically said:

" I don't personally bet 1Q or any quarter plays. I have found too much variance in them to stick with it. "

And finally, when asked about the formulas to create recommended bets, the #! service rep over there said:

" I know nothing about the formula or any of the engineering behind the bets we show. "

So yeah.... that is OddsJam. Not good.

Submitted by "gmish4444" on 3/26/2024

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New Review Submitted for on 3/22/2024

Dsp is the definition of the real deal. They have been on fire ever since the conference tournaments started and it carried over to march madness. We won again last night and their parlay hit too. Since I joined about a week ago I’ve seen a consistent 73% win rate including parlays. They post 1-4 picks a day and they were great communicating with me when I had questions about how to use their unit system. Wish I joined sooner lol

Submitted by "Volk9911" on 3/22/2024

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New Review Submitted for on 3/17/2024
72% winrate currently, that is ridiculously good going on a month now. Kelly gives you one pick a day so its not a lot of action but its solid and consistant. Your hard pressed to find a better winrate. It can be very tempting to try and spread out your action but you will consistantly make more profit sticking to one bet a day with these results. On average Im winning 5 out of 7 days with this handicapper and you really cant ask for anything more. So far Kelly has been the most consistant and profitable capper on here and ive tried a lot of them!

Submitted by "ENVYotb73" on 3/17/2024

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New Review Submitted for on 3/6/2024

This dude is solid. Pickin his his picks for a while now and well...nuff said. I don't stay with anything that isn't a sure thing and thus far Danny has not disappointed!! Stack stacks!

Submitted by "Ginnisthemick" on 3/6/2024

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New Review Submitted for on 2/25/2024

I joined TheMachinesPicks for one of their Hammer Plays. They always talk about how much these win and how rare they are so I bought the day pass to give it a try. They hit all 3 picks and all hit easily too! Hammer play was North Carolina and I dropped 5 dimes on it. I parlayed all 3 of their picks for a huge payout. Guess machinespicks is legit and Ill join them for their next hammer.

Submitted by "Tmoney44" on 2/25/2024

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New Review Submitted for on 2/23/2024

Finally, a legit handicapping service that bets the correct way, no -210 favs, all picks are primarily ATS or + $ dogs. It might be the only capping service that posts their losing tickets as well as their winners for transparency. They win way more than they lose which is hard to find a service that's transparent and can win long-term. I've made almost 20k in the last 6 months with them betting 200 per unit! These guys are the real deal!

Submitted by "Kpdizzle3" on 2/23/2024

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New Review Submitted for on 2/14/2024

I sign up on their website so they email me about joining so I ask them to give me some winners before I join, NO RESPONSE (of course). Then these frauds have some jackass named "Luke James" ( email me the next day with the games they won on the previous day (which they didn't give me when I requested it), and of course they claim they won every game, and then try to get me to call their call center to join their "LOCK CLUB" LOL LOL LMFAO!!!!!!!! LOL LOL


Submitted by "RickySplits" on 2/14/2024

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New Review Submitted for on 1/28/2024

I joined this service earlier in football season. For the first six weeks of football season they were great but began consistently losing. I lost everything I won previously but that’s not the bad part. I emailed them and of course they said things would get better but it got worse. The bad part is what they put on their website. They greatly inflate their records which is deceiving. I emailed them and let them know that with no answer of course. Then they have their vaunted 5 Star picks which they claim hit @ 75 % win rate. I told them I couldn’t see how we lose those bets but the information placed on their website increased from their 75% win rate to 80%. IMPOSSIBLE! I lost 3 of 4 of those bets yet they claim to go from 75% to 80%? Stay away from this service unless you want to lose the shirt off your back.

Submitted by "Raider1970" on 1/28/2024

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New Review Submitted for on 1/25/2024

Run as far away as possible from these scammers, "Johnny Kent" is a liar and a stealer charging me absurd amounts of money for his "locks" I have an investigator out for this guy to try and retrieve the money I have sent him overall. Guys, please stay away from him, he lies about everything and will put you in a spot financially you can't get out of. He is serious trouble and robs you of your money.

Submitted by "gb0304" on 1/25/2024

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New Review Submitted for on 1/19/2024

Some little Asian dude runs this service and he's a major con man, he has built all this WHALE BS out of thin air to just be able to steal your money. Watch out for this guy and all the services he runs, his last name is like Chau or Choo or something, major con artist only looking to get your money and he will lie and say anything to do so!
Only empty promises and dreams of making lots of money, reality with this guy is completely different.

Submitted by "Conlin00001" on 1/19/2024

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New Review Submitted for on 1/10/2024

I’ve watched this guy videos on YouTube a few times on how  he calls cappers frauds.A few days later I see him selling his pics an I asked myself what’s the difference between him an them  😂😂 broooo.For everyone that’s buying his packages / plays what ever it is.Look at these things about him. he can kick you guys out if he wants an what does that tell you?That means he’s constantly gaining more buyers which works out greatly in his favor.He says so many people signed up but I’m only keeping 200 clients how do the buyers know that?This is all lies he’s a great bs talker for real.He  also says winning is about 55%  where you can win a little but yet clients are saying he’s winning at  40% which is completely losing for the clients.None of his videos make sense.Today is the funnies he have 5 parlays but yet he swears parlays is a losing bet I’m done 🤣🤣🤣

Submitted by "Damien5828" on 1/10/2024

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New Review Submitted for on 12/29/2023

In the vibrant city of Philadelphia, where sports culture runs deep in the veins of its residents, one name stands out among the crowd—Lenny Stevens. A seasoned sports handicapper, Lenny has become a local legend, helping sports bettors navigate the unpredictable waters of sports betting for over three decades. His passion for sports and uncanny ability to analyze games have made him a trusted source for those seeking success in the world of sports wagering.

Lenny Stevens was born and raised in the heart of Philadelphia, a city known for its rich sports history and fervent fan base. Growing up, Lenny developed a deep love for sports, spending countless hours watching games, analyzing plays, and immersing himself in the statistics that define the world of athletics. His passion for sports soon evolved into a lifelong commitment to understanding the intricacies of various games, setting the stage for his future career as a sports handicapper.

Lenny's journey into the realm of sports handicapping began in the late 1980s. With an innate talent for recognizing patterns and a keen understanding of the nuances of different sports, he started making predictions and offering advice to friends and family. As his predictions started consistently hitting the mark, Lenny realized he had a unique skill set that could be valuable to a broader audience.

In 1990, Lenny decided to turn his passion into a profession, officially launching his career as a sports handicapper. Armed with a deep understanding of sports and an analytical approach to handicapping, he quickly gained recognition in Philadelphia's sports betting community. His success wasn't just based on luck; it was a result of years of dedication, continuous learning, and a commitment to honing his craft.

Lenny Stevens is known for his meticulous approach to handicapping. Rather than relying solely on gut feelings or trends, he delves deep into the statistics, studying player performance, team dynamics, and historical data. His analytical mind allows him to identify value in betting lines, giving his clients a strategic advantage when placing their wagers.

One of the key aspects of Lenny's handicapping philosophy is adaptability. He understands that sports are dynamic, and factors such as injuries, weather conditions, and team dynamics can quickly influence the outcome of a game. Lenny stays ahead of the curve by constantly updating his analyses and adjusting his predictions based on the latest information.

Over the years, Lenny Stevens has built a stellar reputation in the Philadelphia sports betting community. His success is not only measured by the accuracy of his predictions but also by the trust he has earned from his clients. Lenny's commitment to transparency and honesty has set him apart in an industry where trust is often hard to come by.

Philadelphia sports enthusiasts have come to rely on Lenny for his insights and guidance. Whether it's the Eagles on the gridiron, the Phillies on the diamond, or the Sixers on the hardwood, Lenny's expertise spans across various sports, making him a versatile and sought-after handicapper in the city.

As technology advanced, so did Lenny's approach to handicapping. Embracing the digital age, he expanded his reach beyond the local community, establishing an online presence to cater to sports bettors around the country. Through his website, social media channels, and a dedicated newsletter, Lenny shares his analyses, predictions, and betting strategies with a broader audience.

Lenny's passion for sports betting is not just about helping others win bets; it's about fostering a community of informed and responsible bettors. He educates his followers on the principles of bankroll management, risk assessment, and the importance of making well-informed decisions. Lenny believes in empowering his clients with knowledge, ensuring they approach sports betting as a disciplined and strategic endeavor.

The success stories of sports bettors who have followed Lenny's advice are a testament to his expertise. Countless testimonials from satisfied clients highlight not only the financial gains but also the confidence that comes from making informed decisions. Lenny's ability to consistently deliver results has created a loyal following, with many considering him not just a handicapper but a mentor in the world of sports betting.

As Lenny Stevens continues to thrive in his career, his impact on the sports handicapping community in Philadelphia and beyond is immeasurable. His legacy extends beyond the realm of predicting game outcomes; it's about inspiring a new generation of sports enthusiasts to approach sports betting with knowledge, discipline, and a genuine love for the games they follow.

In a world where the sports betting landscape is constantly evolving, Lenny Stevens remains a steady and reliable force, navigating the highs and lows with the same passion that fueled his journey from a young Philadelphia sports enthusiast to a revered sports handicapper. His story is a testament to the enduring power of dedication, expertise, and an unwavering love for the game.

Submitted by "propman19" on 12/29/2023

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New Review Submitted for on 12/28/2023

Recently, I stumbled upon EdgHouse, and it has proven to be a game-changer in the world of sports betting and fantasy sports. This comprehensive review aims to shed light on why EdgHouse has become a leader in the industry, providing sports bettors and fantasy sports players with unparalleled tools for success.

EdgHouse boasts a sophisticated analytics platform that stands head and shoulders above its competitors. The depth and breadth of data analysis provided are truly remarkable, covering a vast array of sports and fantasy leagues. From historical performance trends to real-time statistics, EdgHouse equips users with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions, giving them a significant advantage in predicting outcomes.

One of the standout features of EdgHouse is its user-friendly interface. Navigating through the platform is a breeze, and even those new to sports betting and fantasy sports will find it easy to grasp. The tools are intuitively designed, allowing users to access a wealth of information without feeling overwhelmed. The sleek design and responsiveness of the platform contribute to an enjoyable user experience.

EdgHouse truly understands the diverse interests of sports enthusiasts. Whether you're into mainstream sports like football, basketball, and soccer or niche markets such as esports and fantasy leagues, EdgHouse has you covered. The platform's extensive coverage ensures that users can access relevant data for virtually any sport, making it an all-encompassing solution for sports bettors and fantasy sports players alike.

What sets EdgHouse apart from its competitors is its advanced predictive modeling capabilities. The platform utilizes state-of-the-art algorithms to analyze data and generate accurate predictions. Whether you're looking to place a bet on the next big game or optimize your fantasy sports lineup, EdgHouse provides insights that go beyond basic statistics, helping users make strategic decisions for maximum success.

In the fast-paced world of sports betting and fantasy sports, timing is crucial. EdgHouse ensures users stay ahead of the curve with real-time updates. Live scores, injury reports, and other critical information are delivered promptly, allowing users to adjust their strategies on the fly. This real-time aspect of EdgHouse adds a dynamic layer to the user experience, fostering adaptability and responsiveness.

EdgHouse goes the extra mile by providing a wealth of educational resources. From tutorials on understanding odds to in-depth analyses of different sports strategies, the platform aims to empower users with knowledge. This commitment to education sets EdgHouse apart as a service that not only provides tools but also seeks to enhance the user's understanding of the sports betting and fantasy sports landscape.

EdgHouse has proven to be a leader in the sports betting tools and fantasy sports data industry. Its cutting-edge analytics, user-friendly interface, comprehensive coverage, advanced predictive modeling, real-time updates, educational resources, and stellar customer support collectively make it a powerhouse in the field. If you're serious about succeeding in sports betting or fantasy sports, EdgHouse is the tool you need to elevate your game. With EdgHouse, precision becomes your ally, and success becomes not just a possibility, but a probability.

Submitted by "SharpBettor" on 12/28/2023

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New Review Submitted for on 12/27/2023

Please beware! 

I worked for Joe Wiz a few years back so I can tell you every aspect about his shady business practices and personal life.

As far as his business, Joe Wiz would have us solicit potential clients in with text blasts promising something free, for example, the text might read “9 wins in the last 10 bets. Reply 123 for a free pick.” 

When a person responded it would be my job to get their info: name, where they bet and how much they can bet. Based on their response,  l would sell them a “5 Day VIP” package for anywhere from $149-$499.  

If the client was insistent that he/she wanted a free pick, I was trained to feed them a line of bullshit, “the free pick is computer-generated and only hits at 52% but this other game is a can’t lose.” 

I would manage these clients generally for about a week or so and then my job was the pass them over to Joe which would mean a bigger investment required from the client. Instead of paying a fixed package price, the client would put up an investment with a “guaranteed” return. For example $2500 on the promised return of $10k.

Even if they lost money during their initial “VIP” package, we were trained to provide assurances to the client that this had never happened before, it’s just a string of bad luck and remind them that they will work directly with Joe Wiz. If the client was a bit apprehensive we would immediately schedule a call with Joe Wiz and Joe would close the deal. 

This investment cycle will continue until that client is 100% broke. If the client blocks our number, we would contact them under a different company such as The 5 experts or Frank Bailey, but it would be Joe Wiz in disguise and the process starts over until Joe eventually sells their info to another company. 

Commonly asked questions? 

Does every client get the same game? No. On any given night Joe Wiz has about 5 plays that he likes and he will distribute those 5 in some form to every client.

Many clients have accused Joe of siding games. For example, if the Jets and Browns are playing each other, he will never give half the clients the Browns and the other half the Jets. However, he will distribute 5 plays amongst the clients which doesn’t makes sense from an odds perspective but it does allow him to have some winning clients the following day. 

How does he come up with the games?

You would probably think he does a ton of research, nope. He prints off the handicapper newsletter from the He looks at and for stats and trends and like the rest of us, makes a guess. 

Despite saying himself, “anyone can analyze stats and trends,” he tells people he gets insider info on games. I’ve worked there for 3 years and I swear to you he doesn’t have any inside info. There are no magic tea leaves. 

Is he really on ESPN?

Yes. He’s paid programming which means he is not paid by ESPN, he pays ESPN to be on the radio. At one point his radio show was syndicated in over 2 dozen markets throughout the country. Unfortunately he lost his sponsorship deals with NYRA and BetRivers. 

Is Joe Wiz a millionaire? 

Absolutely not. I mean maybe he was in the early 2000’s but those of us who worked for him know the truth; it’s all a persona and an act. He purports that he’s very wealthy but those who worked for or around him know the deal. 

He drives a BMW but it’s leased as he couldn’t get financing approval with such a low credit score. I have seen paperwork that he owes the IRS $50k because instead of paying taxes, he would create a new LLC and think he was invisible to Uncle Sam. 

His radio show only airs in NYC market because he couldn’t afford all the other markets once he lost sponsorship deals. 

He owes Maridian Properties in Hoboken, NJ nearly $26k in back rent for his Hoboken office. 

He owes iheartradio money for a radio spot he never paid out in CT. This led to Joe losing his big sponsorship and brand deal with Bet Rivers Sportsbook. 

If he tries to deny any of this simply ask him if he can show you his credit score and then ask yourself how does someone give investment advice with a sub-600 credit score?

Please beware. This guy will take your money and not care. We had clients lose their marriages over Joe’s false investment promises and one client even killed himself after losing his life savings and yet Joe doesn’t miss a beat. He will send out another text blast in search of his next victim. 

I am blowing the whistle because I feel morally obligated to prevent future victims from being scammed. Nothing is real. Heck, Joe’s real name is Yosef Wisniewski. Joe Wiz Sports is not an actual business. The business name is under Sunshine Advertising LLC located at 34 Newark Ave, Suite 2E Hoboken, NJ 07030. 

Submitted by "Phillydillyo" on 12/27/2023

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New Review Submitted for on 12/24/2023

This was the first capper on this site i purchased a package from and I will say it was extremely reasonably priced.

Unfortunately, the highly inflated win rate for 30 days was due to one outlier bet that skewed everything. Results quickly averaged to less than noteworthy.

The main issue I have with the picks are that the majority are parlays on HEAVY favorites and ridiculously poor lines. While this approach may make sense in theory, in practice the wins simply  cannot pace the losses. For example, betting 5 units on 2 to 3 game parlays that will only net you 2.5 units of profit simply cannot outpace a single loss. You need 2 wins just to even out 1 loss and your win percentage will very rarely net you even a modest gain.

With so many options on this site I simply cannot recommend this capper despite the atractive price.

Submitted by "ENVYotb73" on 12/24/2023

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New Review Submitted for on 12/24/2023

Im surprised there are no reviews here but Im more than happy to be the first. Theres nothing fancy here, just very solid and consistantly winning picks.

If you can only budget for one handicapper, then this should be your choice. I bet every pick without reservation and have had nothing but a positive overall result. Without question the most solid overall capper to follow here.

Submitted by "ENVYotb73" on 12/24/2023

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New Review Submitted for on 12/24/2023
Kyle Covers burst onto the sports betting scene with promises of unparalleled success and a track record that seemed too good to be true. His slick marketing strategies, charismatic online presence, and the allure of quick and easy riches quickly attracted a following of eager bettors hoping to cash in on his supposed expertise.

One of Kyle Covers' most effective tools is his charismatic personality and persuasive communication skills. Through a variety of online platforms, including social media, podcasts, and a flashy website, he establishes a rapport with his audience, presenting himself as a sports betting guru with insider information. His claims of exclusive access to locker room insights, injury reports, and undisclosed statistical models make him appear like a magician who can predict the unpredictable.

To bolster his credibility, Kyle Covers meticulously curates a portfolio of past successes. He flaunts impressive win-loss records, showcases big-ticket wins, and even provides testimonials from alleged satisfied customers. However, a closer inspection reveals a lack of transparency regarding the sources of his picks, and the absence of detailed, verifiable records raises suspicions about the authenticity of his claims.

Kyle Covers monetizes his alleged expertise through a subscription-based model, enticing followers to sign up for premium packages that promise even greater returns. This business model relies on a continuous influx of new subscribers, as the existing ones quickly realize that the picks they receive are far from the guaranteed winners they were promised.

Despite the extravagant promises, Kyle Covers remains tight-lipped about the methodology behind his picks. Genuine sports analysts and experts are typically open about their strategies, sharing insights into their decision-making process. In contrast, Kyle Covers treats his picks like a closely guarded secret, creating an air of mystery that only serves to mask the lack of substance behind his recommendations.

As more bettors fall victim to Kyle Covers' scam, a wave of discontent and suspicion begins to grow within the betting community. Questions about the legitimacy of his picks, the lack of transparency, and the absence of accountability become too loud to ignore. Authorities, both within the sports betting industry and legal jurisdictions, should start to investigate the operations of Kyle Covers.

Submitted by "KyleDontCover" on 12/24/2023

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New Review Submitted for on 12/19/2023

I am delighted to share my enthusiasm for Dimers, a truly game-changing platform that has revolutionized my approach to sports betting. This website has become an indispensable resource, providing an array of powerful tools that have significantly enhanced my betting strategy and overall success.

From the moment I explored the features on Dimers, it was evident that this platform was designed with both novice and seasoned bettors in mind. The user-friendly interface makes navigation a breeze, ensuring that even those new to sports betting can easily harness the full potential of the tools available.

One of the standout features of Dimers is its comprehensive data analytics. The site presents an extensive range of statistics, trends, and insights that cover a wide array of sports. The depth of information allows users to make informed decisions, whether they're betting on football, basketball, baseball, or any other sport. It's like having a team of expert analysts at your fingertips.

The live odds tracking feature is a game-changer. With real-time updates on odds movements, I can make split-second decisions, capitalizing on favorable changes in the betting landscape. This has undoubtedly given me a competitive edge, and I've seen a noticeable improvement in my overall profitability.

Another highlight is the customizable alerts system. Dimers lets me set up personalized alerts for specific teams, players, or odds movements. This level of customization ensures that I never miss a potential betting opportunity, and it has proven to be an invaluable tool for staying ahead of the game.

Customer support on Dimers deserves a special mention. The responsive and knowledgeable team is always ready to assist with any queries, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable user experience.

In conclusion, Dimers is a must-have for anyone serious about sports betting. The platform's cutting-edge tools, user-friendly interface, and commitment to providing valuable insights have transformed my betting strategy. If you're looking to take your betting game to the next level, Dimers is the ultimate companion on your journey to success. Kudos to the creators for developing such an exceptional and indispensable resource!

Submitted by "SelukWinners" on 12/19/2023

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New Review Submitted for on 12/18/2023

My account was deleted for asking why a “professional” was 0-3

Save yourself the disappointment and your hard-earned money. Steer clear of Provenwinner and his so-called handicapping service.

Submitted by "JohnCitizen69" on 12/18/2023

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New Review Submitted for on 12/18/2023

I recently made the mistake of trusting the supposed expertise of WagerTalk and subscribed to their sports picks service. To say that my experience was disappointing would be a massive understatement. It's clear to me now that I fell victim to a complete scam.

Firstly, the promised "insider information" and "guaranteed winners" were nothing more than empty words. I followed WagerTalk's picks religiously for weeks, only to see my bankroll dwindle faster than a snow cone in the desert. It was like throwing money down the drain.

The lack of transparency is astounding. WagerTalk provides no real analysis or justification for their picks. It's as if they're randomly selecting teams and crossing their fingers. The absence of any thoughtful insight made me question whether they have any actual knowledge of the sports they claim to analyze.

The customer service is abysmal. When I attempted to seek clarification on a particularly baffling pick, I was met with radio silence. It's clear that once they have your money, they couldn't care less about providing any semblance of customer support.

To top it all off, their record-keeping is dubious at best. Promised winning percentages were nowhere close to reality, and the supposed "hot streaks" were nothing more than statistical noise. It's apparent that WagerTalk is more interested in padding their pockets than actually helping subscribers make informed bets.

Save yourself the headache and, more importantly, your hard-earned money. Steer clear of WagerTalk and their so-called handicapping service. There are plenty of legitimate and transparent handicappers out there—this one is just a disappointing waste of time and money.

Submitted by "YankeeKK" on 12/18/2023

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New Review Submitted for on 12/16/2023

touts on this website only post their winning tickets or picks, they don't show the losses, no third party verification on the performance stats and results they claim complete scam

Submitted by "JockoPickinick" on 12/16/2023

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New Review Submitted for on 11/18/2023
WOW! I am so impressed and satisfied with these plays that I get. They know what they’re doing and is basically free money if you take it. I highly recommend the fire pastigiti picks because they are definitely going to have you feeling right 🔥🔥🔥🔥'''

Submitted by "agnobagnok" on 11/18/2023

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New Review Submitted for on 10/29/2023

Do not recommend. He sends out picks in telegram and then edits them so nobody receives notifications of the change & he doesn’t post true win/loss record because he hedges and tries to catch middles in every game he bets on. He then blocks you if you ask any questions about why he edits his picks on telegram after you’ve paid him. DO NOT RECOMMEND.

Submitted by "mikelee50501" on 10/29/2023

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New Review Submitted for on 10/27/2023

This is a scam sports picking documentation platform, all the so-called cappers are fake and bot generated and all the stats are fake and over inflated too

They go after small bettors who are new to sports betting and try to scam them into buying small sports picking packages via their fake winning %'s and then hope to squeeze every last penny out of them until they go broke

Steer clear of American Sports Cappers, it's all a scam business

Submitted by "AvoidTheScam" on 10/27/2023

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New Review Submitted for on 10/21/2023

Had this guy for 30 day try out $349.00. Won my first 7 picks 3 where dogs out right...hit 6  3 team parlays finished 33 -6 unreal picks been with him for the last 8 months started betting $5 no up to $125 per bet. Up$19,450.00 he is the best.

Submitted by "Lasvegaslou" on 10/21/2023

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New Review Submitted for on 9/21/2023

They force you to call to activate your account. Then you must listen to his screed about "how to bet".  I just wanted my account activated.

I said I didn't want an upsell and he leashes a tirade of foul language calling me  a "fu*king jerkoff" and a stream of obscenities and saying he is going "to keep my money" and give me nothing.

Avoid this man like the plague.

Submitted by "Volmar" on 9/21/2023

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New Review Submitted for on 9/21/2023

The original ATSBets was pretty robust.  They've simplified to only now but still a good value.

Submitted by "robbyg" on 9/21/2023

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New Review Submitted for on 9/21/2023

Teamed up with Maurice Jones midway through the MLB season and I'm actually winning money. His records are always accurate and he wins more than he loses, in August (2023) he hit 58.73% out of 60 picks and won $6,437 betting $100 and $500 a game. Great customer service and when you follow Maurice you will get updates when he releases his picks so you can lock in the early lines. Highly recommend to anybody looking for MLB handicappers. I follow 3-4 cappers at but Maurice has by far been the best. Keep up the solid work!

Submitted by "RCTech" on 9/21/2023

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New Review Submitted for on 9/19/2023

Cheat Code Sports Picks is making me a nice profit. I started with the free trial offer and won. So I continued with the one month special offer and so far this month am also up a nice profit.

What I see as their expertise is they don't give you plays every day, but are very selective on the picks and they have so far been the best system on money management and I have played for decades! Therefore, my goal to be a winner with no stress, thanks Cheat Code, keep bringing home the $$$$ for us! Highly recommended all my friends to join also!

Submitted by "Circle13" on 9/19/2023

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New Complaint Reported for on 9/18/2023

These guys are the worst. They keep asking for me to tip them or spend more money on bigger packages.  However, I have lost significant amount of money in 2 weeks.  They keep saying they are winning, but they are not.  I emailed them several times without a response.  They are hitting on 38% of the player props.  However these props are juiced (pitcher strikeouts and hitters TB) and they need to hit 56%. When I emailed them about this, no response.   They say they are awesome when they hit 3 out of 6.   There other bets are trash.  They says they have profits 21 of the last 26 days.  Yet I lost 9 out of 14 days.  Piss poor people.  A scam

Submitted by "Spcycles" on 9/18/2023

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New Review Submitted for on 9/4/2023

Underdog Chance stands out as an elite name in the realm of sports betting. Year after year, he consolidates his position among the industry's best, showcasing prowess that is both commendable and consistent. Particularly striking are his MLB results - they're nothing short of spectacular. It's not just about the impressive profits he rakes in but also the undeniable positive closing line value, a testament to his analytical approach.

What sets Underdog Chance apart from many in the field is the foundational basis of his predictions. Every bet, every pick is derived from rigorously constructed sports betting models. It's clear that his success isn't a mere stroke of luck but the culmination of methodical and meticulous planning and analysis. Anyone seeking a structured and reliable betting strategy need look no further.

Submitted by "BTCbettor" on 9/4/2023

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