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New Review Submitted for on 9/14/2021
1 and 8 in NFL, 0 and 18 in College Football over that last weekend (11/12/13 Sept 2021) and this guy is a Pro?? I think not. Steer Clear!
Submitted by "kdimke" on 9/14/2021.
New Review Submitted for on 9/7/2021
This is 110% a scam. First, they never answer an email. Second, the pick now tip later program is 100% a lie. They send you emails with different levels of certainty and they come up with new names daily with their "Platinum" picks and tell you that you can't have them unless you tip more. Then they send emails out claiming they were winners when in reality they go 2-7 across the board. They give you parlay and round-robin picks and only grade them on winning days. "The Whale" is a cheat. It's a huge marketing scam.
Submitted by "Webman1972" on 9/7/2021.
New Review Submitted for on 9/5/2021
I was just reading the review of what the guy posted and how you responded KB Sports can't get mad at a guy that spending his money then how you could have talked to him like that I would spend no money either
Submitted by "Gerroldc" on 9/5/2021.
New Review Submitted for on 9/1/2021
Reporting not having cappertek banner on site. Old service who scammed out and created a new website
Submitted by "SeanE123" on 9/1/2021.
New Review Submitted for on 8/30/2021
I bought I day pass, paid by PayPal, didn't have access, sent a couple e-mails but now response. Paid for the service and didn't received access to the plays and no contact from the KB Sports
Submitted by "lfelipelucena" on 8/30/2021.
Response from
This is a ridiculous review. This was never my fault, and you were refunded 100% the same day! If you buy from me on Cappertek, you should be able to log in and receive plays. I don't email them out to first time subscribers, and nowhere does it say that I do. If there was a problem logging in to receive plays, it wasn't my fault, and the money was refunded.
New Review Submitted for on 8/26/2021
Nobody wins 60% over long term. Pro cappers who make a living off sports betting hit less than 55% in the long run over thousands of bets. For instance, take a look at Betting Resource, a handicapping service that most bettors overlook because of winning (the hit just 52.7% over period of years and thousands of bets) but grind out excellent profits long term using the 3% compounding strategy to place the bets. Guys like who promise quick richness with game of the years, months, guaranteed winners, 60% or 70% win rate will make you go bust fast and you will be reloading in no time.
Submitted by "VanCanucks" on 8/26/2021.
New Review Submitted for on 8/26/2021
Not a good monitor. Handicappers with fake record. Handicappers can pay them to have better position and fake records.
Submitted by "VanCanucks" on 8/26/2021.
New Review Submitted for on 8/26/2021
under the radar and overlooked service. good mm. good spreadsheet. good picks. quick responses. if you are patient and like to grind it out this is a service for you.
Submitted by "VanCanucks" on 8/26/2021.
New Review Submitted for on 8/26/2021
I rarely pay for touts who runs a site and markets like this guy but because CNBC made a show, I thought maybe I will give it a try. I paid an expensive subscription but only experimented the picks with 10k bankroll. I always experiment first before using bigger bankroll. If the experiment is successful, I go to next stage and increase the bankroll. In this case, the experiment failed miserably. Guy picked 35% and the 10k went bust fast. He tells you to bet 20% or even higher on the picks which was already a red flag but since i paid for the experiment, i followed through. The long term capper that I have been following and winning with (look up "betting resource" if you want to win) bets no more than 3% max bet! The experiment would have been profitable if I had went opposite of his picks! I am guessing the only reason he is in business is because he is pulling new suckers daily because of that CNBC show.
Submitted by "VanCanucks" on 8/26/2021.
New Review Submitted for on 8/22/2021
Their Vssg Sharp Group on their website is excellent all around the board but excel in UFC/MMA
Submitted by "MVPMatt" on 8/22/2021.
Response from
Thank You for the review
New Review Submitted for on 8/20/2021
Pick Monitor has become a complete joke!

As a long time user, I have witnessed the steady decline of this platform over the years. They changed owners a few years back and when the new owner (Mike) took over, he has completely ruined a once useful and growing platform and has made it basically unusable. When the original owner (Patrick) owned it, there were constant updates and improvements to the site. He always made sure things ran smoothly and users were happy. This new ownership group could care less! Games never get graded, site gets hacked at least once a week, forum is overrun with spam, etc and good luck getting a response when you contact them. I can say after using Pick Monitor for 5 years, I will no longer use it, I am sad that I have 5 years of history on that site that I have to just throw away but I guess it is what it is.

A great shame what has happened to this platform!
Submitted by "Edwardc" on 8/20/2021.
New Review Submitted for on 8/16/2021
Man joined a couple weeks ago and it's been an awesome ride! Was so worried about this service being a scam, but it seems like the couple reports saying that have no idea what they are talking about! Up over 150 units in August as these dudes have been fire! No idea where the scam reports come from, these dudes are the REAL DEAL! If this is a scam, I want to be part of this machines picks scam daily lol.
Submitted by "anthonygman" on 8/16/2021.
New Review Submitted for on 8/16/2021
Thinks One day free proves that he is good. Texted in for a trial and he gave me 1 day of 3 picks including high juice, went 1-2 then tried to sell me info play or some crap. Nothing but a salesman
Submitted by "Td5588" on 8/16/2021.
New Scam Complaint Reported for on 8/15/2021
I'm a scammer, after paying for 1 ladder, they pay me more money after receiving 3 tips and making more money.
Submitted by "nntd3839" on 8/15/2021.
New Review Submitted for on 8/15/2021
are scammers they send 3 consecutive losing tips and don't answer
Submitted by "nntd3839" on 8/15/2021.
New Review Submitted for on 7/27/2021
I really enjoy this service. I got introduced to it through Johnny Manziel promoting them, and it was one of the best finds I have come across in my sports betting career. The website and the picks are free so there really isn't any risk. They are honest and always post results. Very transparent when they win and lose. All around great service.
Submitted by "jmoney23" on 7/27/2021.
New Review Submitted for on 7/27/2021
Stay away from them! They are scammers, period. I bought their 100 Dime Plays Report for 3 days (which they now call the Charter Account). They promised 4-6 picks each day while winning 85% of them. The first day they went 6-0. Great start, so now they pressured me into buying the one-year access for $195. They said it was only available for this day, which was a lie, since you still can buy it for this price today. And then they started losing. Not only that, they are lying about their record. The winning picks that are posted on their website are different from they ones they sent out. In their promotional email they sent out a couple hours ago, they claim they went 6-0 last night. That is not true! The picks the sent out went 2-4. I've been with them for over a month now, their winrate during this time is about 48% with a lot of -120s, -130s. You do the math. They are SCAMMERS!
Submitted by "Mereti" on 7/27/2021.
New Review Submitted for on 7/14/2021
Here is an email threat from Joe because a few of his customers have left bad reviews for his service on CapperTek:


On Tue, Jul 13, 2021 at 7:42 PM joe costa wrote:

Fuck off, with your fraud leads and go get a real fucking job fuckfaces !!!

And better take my bostonjoewins website off of your mother fucking website and saying iam a scam ! You guys are a fucking scammers !

I will give you (1) week to take me and my website off of your fraud website or Iam going to have my webmaster build me a sports handicapping lead website with your name cappertek in the domain and have it appear in the Google search about or below your domain and tell everybody who is looking for sports handicapping leads this football season to run from you not walk because you sell (5) year old leads !!! You think Iam. Joking ? Try me, again (1) week or the payback fucking frauds !!


Guy seems like a real class act. Not sure why anyone would ever leave him a bad review.
Submitted by "CapperTek" on 7/14/2021.
New Review Submitted for on 7/4/2021
Thanks for the Hawks -150 ML pick last night, great fucking pick! Some real fucking insight there, cost me $10k relying on a bunch of fucking losers taking brainless ML favorites!

Submitted by "Alphabrain9" on 7/4/2021.
New Scam Complaint Reported for on 7/1/2021

Stu Feiner: The anatomy of a scam artist...

Submitted by "StuFeinerScam" on 7/1/2021.
New Review Submitted for on 6/30/2021
Here's a good podcast where the host explains how sports betting tout services are a total scam, then proceeds to interview one of the biggest scammers in the sports betting tout industry (The Philly Godfather) as if he's a god and makes a joke of scamming people. Makes no sense, but when people tell you who they are, BELIEVE THEM!

Submitted by "momoblues" on 6/30/2021.
New Review Submitted for on 6/25/2021
Submitted by "sippymuncy" on 6/25/2021.
New Review Submitted for on 6/23/2021
Submitted by "FUCKVEGASDAVE" on 6/23/2021.
New Review Submitted for on 6/22/2021
I paid $2 for Ralph Michaels TOP PLAYS claiming he was 82% and I got 3 picks going 0-3 that day. Next day he goes 1-2 on his TOP PLAYS, not sure but I am guessing WagerTalk is making up his 82% and I feel like I got jipped. So the $2 I spent ended up costing me over $2k. Public service announcement: Don't trust the claims, records, and stats on WagerTalk!
Submitted by "mortons9" on 6/22/2021.
New Review Submitted for on 6/17/2021
fucking dude gives me two -335 favorites that don't win get the fuck outta here!
Submitted by "peterrr8" on 6/17/2021.
New Review Submitted for on 6/8/2021
All high pressure sales tactics, just want to up-sell you on everything and not provide you with what you paid for. They have absolutely ZERO interest in giving you wining picks or making you money. All they want to do is get your money with pushy sales guys and fast talking jabronis. Steer clear of these guys for your own good.
Submitted by "Gobi5" on 6/8/2021.
New Review Submitted for on 5/26/2021
con artist to the max, consistent losing picks, his tip sheets blow, I regret dealing with this scammer! he is no "expert" by any means
Submitted by "asn548976" on 5/26/2021.
New Review Submitted for on 5/24/2021
Look elsewhere for pick services. Not only do they use pushy, high pressure sales tactics to upsell you, they're lock club in the nba is terrible. Baseball was a slight bit better, but rather than comp me a few extra days of picks to make up for their paltry showings, agent harassed and insulted me. This is not a legitimate or decent business.
Submitted by "Otagg" on 5/24/2021.
New Review Submitted for on 5/18/2021
Guy's a total fraud, his picks are complete garbage, takes huge favorites and then doubles down the next day after it loses, you shouldn't waste your time or money with this scammer, he couldn't pick his ass let alone a even money bet! If anyone knows this losers real name or where he lives please post it here, would love to get my hands on this piece of shit!
Submitted by "Bostonjoefraud" on 5/18/2021.
New Review Submitted for on 4/25/2021
You're no baseball guru. Stick with hockey!!!!!!
Submitted by "bamafan43" on 4/25/2021.
Response from
My documented baseball record here would beg to differ but O.K.
New Review Submitted for on 4/24/2021
Paid this guy $150 for a month of picks. Started out picking 50% the first week so I gave him the benefit of the doubt and stuck with him. Who knew the 50% was going to be the best he could do. The rest of my monthly service guy tanks completely! Ended up going like 40% for the entire month I paid for. Complete fraud. Had the balls to contact me and ask if I wanted to renew! He has other cappers on his site but no way I give any of them a try after what I went through with the guy who owns the service.

"The Philly Fraudfather" would be a more fitting name.
Submitted by "Furio1980" on 4/24/2021.
New Review Submitted for on 4/18/2021
hahahaha this jerkoff paper hands Portnoy who is famous for buying high and selling low now wants to tout sports betting picks to his brain dead following! hahaha fucking classic! jerkoff heeb fell ass backwards into millions of dollars and wants to screw people even more with his shitty sports bets and shitty stock and crypto advice fuck off loser hahahaha
Submitted by "Myles1173" on 4/18/2021.
New Scam Complaint Reported for on 4/17/2021
tips are very grabage, dont waste you time and money with this tipster all they want it to take your money and give excuse when lose, i pay them over 500$ and they make me lose over 3000$ very rude
Submitted by "Tigresbettor" on 4/17/2021.
New Review Submitted for on 4/15/2021
More than legit. This is my 2nd year they are transparent & clear with communicating. They have made a lot of money. Very different than others.
Submitted by "Gillythekid212" on 4/15/2021.
New Review Submitted for on 4/15/2021
Anything that is negative about these guys is a lie. Everything transparent and posted. Love y'all been with u for almost 3 years , you got like 50 5 star reviews on trustpilot for a reason.
Submitted by "Gillythekid212" on 4/15/2021.
New Scam Complaint Reported for on 4/15/2021
Stay away from this company!!!! Their business model is based on threats of legal action if someone does something they don't like. When I found out I was receiving losing picks I created a page on Action Network where I copied their picks to expose the dangers of wagering on sports. They contacted me and I told them that the purpose of my Action Network page was to expose the truth about their company. They did not believe me and say that their picks are for entertainment purposes only which is a lie. They then threatened legal action when I threatened to sue for negligence and never followed through on pressing charges against me proving that their business model is based on threats. DO NOT PURCHASE ANY PACKAGES FROM THE BOOKSWEEPERS.
Submitted by "ekhakmahd" on 4/15/2021.
New Review Submitted for on 4/12/2021
Watch Out - the Guarantee is not really a guarantee to get your money back it is to receive more crappy picks
Submitted by "asnyds24" on 4/12/2021.
New Review Submitted for on 4/9/2021
What can I say other than awesome. I was 41k in the red,sports group got me a 50k credit line with a sports book no questions asked, not only did they get me out of the red after my 8th cash payout the book dropped me .Wanted to give a shout out on the sports group awesome picks and betting help,thanks guys
Submitted by "bobbyv34" on 4/9/2021.
New Review Submitted for on 4/7/2021
I wish they let you upload pictures so y'all can see these scammers
Submitted by "TronR" on 4/7/2021.
New Review Submitted for on 4/7/2021
Submitted by "TronR" on 4/7/2021.
New Review Submitted for on 4/6/2021
Hands down the best football prediction site on the Internet! I use the BTTS Tips and the WinDrawWin tips daily. I know many people that have made a lot of money from their Correct Score Tips as well. Very advanced system.
Submitted by "adzeds" on 4/6/2021.
New Review Submitted for on 4/5/2021
You know when you are kid and your mom tells you if you don't have
anything good to say about someone, don't say anything at all. So...
Submitted by "Wazi75" on 4/5/2021.
New Review Submitted for on 4/3/2021
John Kent promise a big game I zelle him $4000 to put on his private account website for me to bet it he never gave me a game just took my money no I call or text ‼️I have screenshot & all is u think I'm lien‼️
Submitted by "TronR" on 4/3/2021.
New Review Submitted for on 4/2/2021
More than legit. This is my 2nd year they are transparent & clear with communicating. They have made a lot of money. Very different than others.
Submitted by "Sstoll" on 4/2/2021.
New Review Submitted for on 3/27/2021
I paid $250 for 7 days of his VIP picks last week he goes 2 for 7 during the 7 days. Need I say more? That's my review, that's it.
Submitted by "EddieSmiley12" on 3/27/2021.
New Review Submitted for on 3/25/2021
This clown's still around? Holy shit! He's been scamming people since the early 90's. I remember living in NY back then and this clown was pulling his shit and even got fined 13k by New York City Department of Consumer Affairs, little SI news snippet from back then below:


Ripoffs Rule the Roost, Exhibit B: The Source, a sports-adviser service in Farmingdale, N.Y., owned by Stu Feiner, who also owns a few 900 call-in lines. Exhibit C is Feiner's brother-in-law, the aforementioned Kevin Duffy, perhaps the nation's most prominent adviser, who became famous for running ads that said, "I will go 7-0 for you today, absolutely free." Too bad "absolutely free" meant you first had to sign up for a month's service at $350. Then, if Duffy didn't go 7-0 in the first week, you got the next month free. Duffy, who operates out of Massapequa, Long Island, also claimed to be no worse than 75% right, ever. Yet when his picks were audited by the Sports Monitor of Oklahoma City, one of the rare legitimate monitors (among the dozens of such outfits that purport to keep tabs on the performance of tout services), he never fared better than 58.8% in any regular football season between 1985 and '88, and he sank as low as 39.7% for his college picks in '87. Eventually the Sports Monitor refused to monitor Duffy because of his "deceptive ad practices."

Feiner agreed to be monitored by SI for four weeks in September. To his credit, he unfailingly gave us his choices. To his discredit, Feiner went 19-32, a 37% win rate, and lost us an imaginary $6,210 based on $100 per unit (box, left). During that same period, we were anonymously calling Feiner's 800 number, where, curiously, he claimed to be cleaning up. On Sept. 23, for instance, after Feiner had gone 3-11 for the week on his picks for SI, bringing his record for us to 11-25, one of his shills, Kenny Leeds, said in response to our anonymous call, "This week I [moaning the company] went 3-0, the week before, I was 3-1." On Oct. 3, after Feiner had gone 7-7 for the weekend, we again called anonymously and got another Feiner salesman, Larry Marco. "This past weekend, we swept the board," Marco said. Then Leeds called back. "This kid Feiner is making betting history," he said. Yeah, so did Art Schlichter.

Feiner was fined $13,000 in February 1990 by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs for false and misleading advertising, yet he sent out a promotional brochure last month that reported a "1991 documented record college and pro: 9-3." Knowing Feiner's record as we did, we asked him how he could say this. "That's what I had the first week," he said, "before you started documenting me." Fine. That would've been the weekend of Aug. 31-Sept. 2. The booklet, however, was dated Sept. 19-Oct. 7, 1991.


I can't believe he's still allowed to scam people 30 years later? No accountability?
Submitted by "runninrebel1967" on 3/25/2021.
New Review Submitted for on 3/24/2021
picks friggin suck!!! you better off picking your own shit, these losers gonna do nuttin but put you in debt
Submitted by "LambomanNY" on 3/24/2021.
New Review Submitted for on 3/21/2021
I paid these scumbags $12 for a daily membership and they lost, so I told them thanks but no thanks, then all the sudden a week later all kinds of suspicious transactions on my debit card, these cocksuckers are def. taking your cc info and selling it!
Submitted by "MikeyTell13" on 3/21/2021.
New Review Submitted for on 3/18/2021
Purchased a few of the "expert" handicappers plays they promote like Steve Merril and Dave Cokin who both claim 80% or bettor ROI's on the site. My daughter could've given me better picks! I lost so much money with the plays given to me it's not even funny. How are these guys experts? Please explain WagerTalk.
Submitted by "Fredrupp82" on 3/18/2021.
New Review Submitted for on 3/16/2021
I can sum up this service and the people who run it in 4 simple words: SCAMMERS SCAMMERS SCAMMERS SCAMMERS
Submitted by "ROIchaser7" on 3/16/2021.
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