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New Review Submitted for TheParlayKing.com on 8/10/2022

Parlay Kings is the best parlay site to fit all your needs I would recommend it to anyone who gambles they are very polite and courteous if I ever needed help they were prompt almost immediate and I never experienced one single problem with them I've been with them for a while now and I guarantee it's one of the best parlay site around

Submitted by "Jbird01" on 8/10/2022

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New Review Submitted for OddsJam.com on 8/10/2022

Odds Jam is a joke, and more importantly Positive +EV betting is even more of a joke.

+EV Betting is the equivalent of Joey Knish from Rounders, grinding away on his leather ass for small insignificant profits wasting his life and becoming the butt of the joke with his friends while doing so.

You think Bill Walters +EV bets?? lol That's complete a joke, he actually handicaps a game and picks a winner based on his vast knowledge and experience and he is one of the best sports bettors in the world because of it, something the rest of us aspire to be.

Billy Walters doesn't waste his time scouring sportsbooks for a little juice differential so he can possibly be lucky enough to churn out a $25 profit from betting both sides of a weak line at two different books.

Also books are becoming aware of this lame trend amongst amateur bettors and are starting to sync up lines with each other more and more, even though the amount of money made from +EV betting is so insignificant in the grand scheme of things, they still don't want to give it up at the end of they day they are a business.

Odds Jam tries to lure you in with dreams of becoming rich "risk free" betting on sports with positive expected value betting, don't be fooled! YOU NEVER WILL! Yeah you might make $50 here, $30 there, but its more work than it's worth, and even if you get a big enough operation going, the books will shut you down way before you make any type of significant money. Books have algo's in place to detect these types of betting patterns. Books are way smarter than their customers, and they will always be, and now the fact the sports betting is becoming more legal and larger, that fact will just get more solidified as time goes on.

Real professional sports bettors don't want 1-5% returns on their bets, risk free or not because they know they will never make any real money over time. They actually handicap games and get 90%-100% return on each of their bets because they know they win more than they lose, that's what they want.

Skip OddsJam and move on to the next, maybe a service that actually handicaps games and gives you solid betting advice you can bank on, OJ will only waste your time and money.

Submitted by "SlimmyTheGreek" on 8/10/2022

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New Review Submitted for SpankOdds.com on 8/8/2022

Gadoon Kyrollos has always talked a lot of ish over the years about how he and his "team" make a living betting on sports for over two decades, well lets see what this new service he is about to launch will feature.

Never seen Spanky document his wins or loses anywhere that can be trusted, but he has always claimed he makes a living only betting on sports and that this new service "Spank Odds" will give the public and pro bettors the same tools he has used to be successful.

He wants to go after Don Best? But Don Best has been online for over 25 years and has a strong following with nice tools to help bettors access valuable information and insights to win in the long run, they don't really go out there and brag about winning for over two decades or making a living betting on sports do they?

Really not sure what Gadoon has in store but that's going to be a tough act to beat. Especially since he says that his Spank Odds service will feature odds from sports-books around the world. But who cares about just accessing odds, you can get those literally anywhere on the web, what about the exact tools? What tools will he be offering and how will they help sports bettors?

He's also claiming his "tools" will be free for everyone to use, I'm also a bit skeptical about that as well. Don Best charges over $500/month for their premium tools and bettors pay that willingly because what they are getting is valuable. How can you match that while being free?

I really hope Spank Odds has something valuable to offer us sports bettors trying to grind out a profit, but again I am seriously skeptical. Only time will tell, let's see when his service actually launches. Should be launching soon, as the time I am writing this, the website still only had a "Coming soon" image up and "Join mailing list" option, which I did a while ago.

And for what it's worth, just my opinion, but very stupid name for a service that is supposed to be taken seriously and provide valuable tools to sports bettors.

Here is Gadoon with NJ Governor Phil Murphy, I'm sure kissing some ass but that's OK. Do us NJ'ers proud Spanks, but I'm not holding my breath. A lot of hucksters in this biz trying to make a quick buck, I'm really hoping you're not one of them.

Submitted by "SpankBank" on 8/8/2022

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New Review Submitted for PickDawgz.com on 8/8/2022

Bunch of scumbags at Pick Dogs, all the cappers boast great numbers and making tons of money until you buy a package, then all the sudden they cannot win to save their lives?!?!

The records and Units won/lost and ROI #'s shown on the site is all made up for all the cappers, just a ploy to get you to pay for picks which inevitably end up losing.

Not sure how this scam is allowed to go on and people paying them, how is it not fraud???

Submitted by "MerrillX" on 8/8/2022

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New Review Submitted for Dimers.com on 8/6/2022

great parlay dimers, just take 3 random mlb run lines close your eyes and hope to cash a risky +584 parlay , remember if you win, dimers doesnt make any money they entire business model is based on getting money from sportsbooks in return for finding them losing players, they have no interest in giving you winning information because sportsbook have no interest in paying them to find or refer profitable players.

just look above; they advise you to make a random high risk parlay bet and right below it is an ad for draftkings, the shadiest and tightest sportsbook on the planet, it has been proven they limit players as soon as they show a slight sign of making a profit, or better yet , players simply showing a sign that they will not lose enough money for draftkings liking long term.

so remember boys and girls, IF YOU WIN, DIMERS LOSES, think about it they have no incentive whatsoever to provide winning information or advise you to make smart bets

Submitted by "mysticman1" on 8/6/2022

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New Review Submitted for OskeimSportsPicks.com on 8/2/2022

Jeff Keim is one of the last remaining honest handicappers in this biz, he posts everything on his site, his tax returns, all his picks win or lose. No fluff, no bull, no double talk.

We need more guys like Jeff to follow, he's a straight shooter and his service reflects that right down to the core, not to mention he's been around forever with an impeccable reputation.

Submitted by "Readyrock2000" on 8/2/2022

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New Review Submitted for BetSperts.com on 7/27/2022

Betsperts is a solid platform to track your betting picks and connect with other sports bettors. Tons of useful tools and features. I like it alot and use it every day.

Submitted by "Remme119" on 7/27/2022

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New Review Submitted for VegasDave.pro on 7/25/2022

Vegas Dave for years now has been lying, manipulating, and deceiving new clients with little sports betting knowledge into believing he hardly ever losses. Dave has a history with criminal wrong doings including being convicted of fraudulently using other people’s social security numbers to avoid paying taxes.

Over the years Dave has numerous times been exposed by not only other players but also companies that he has said he won with, anytime someone who has bought his services in the past with a concern about his promises they get no response back.

Dave belongs in jail, there is no reason he shouldn’t have gotten jail time before for what he did. All I ask is he is investigated for fraud. It’s not right people like this can take advantage of people in this way and get away with it.

Vegas Dave (David Oancea) needs to be investigated for fraud - Sign the Petition! https://chng.it/Pqjpzs8K via @Change

Report his crimes to the FBI today.

Submitted by "JohnDriver" on 7/25/2022

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New Review Submitted for Pickswise.com on 7/22/2022

Lol, Again I bet against they're horrible so-called pros and won. I love following this site. Did a parlay tonight and for giggles and grins I bet opposite and I am pleased to announce that I'll cash in for 3k. Love this site. They make me big bucks

Submitted by "Jbrimrose" on 7/22/2022

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New Review Submitted for WagerTalk.com on 7/21/2022

Don't pay a nickle for any of the "Experts" picks, total joke these guys don't know any more than the average bettor, nothing expert about them, I tired a lot of them but they are just guessing along with the rest of us, I charged-back most of what I paid them on my credit card but just letting the public know to not waste your money on so-called Wager Talk Experts, you will not get anything other then guys (who i'm not sure most of them are even real people) simply guessing on what to bet on every day.

Submitted by "moneylinesteve" on 7/21/2022

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New Review Submitted for LennyStevens.com on 7/19/2022

Lenny is an OG handicapping legend!!!

Nobody better in the business than Lenny, guys been handicapping football for over 40 years.

Originally starting at local newspapers, then moving out on his own to provide sports betters with the knowledge needed to beat bookies.

Lenny Stevens is the GOAT!

Submitted by "NessBLVD" on 7/19/2022

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New Review Submitted for TroyWins.com on 7/14/2022

Dudes real tough via text messaging DONT waste ya money or time on this Lame ass POS

Submitted by "chaotic1one" on 7/14/2022

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New Review Submitted for NoBrainerWagers.com on 7/13/2022

NBW is by far the most accurate handicapping service I’ve ever used. I’ve paid for picks from over 20 different handicappers and lost money each time. NBW is extremely accurate, 100% transparent, and their system actually works if you follow it. Can’t say enough great things! 

Submitted by "Meyers1988" on 7/13/2022

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New Review Submitted for ActionNetwork.com on 7/13/2022

"The Action Network", is a sports betting content company owned by The Chernin Group. As betting gets more mainstream, I guarantee there will be an increase in cross promotion between TAN and all main stream sports-books. I'd like to issue a word of warning. Please direct your attention to a quote from TAN's CEO, Noah Szubski, from this Slate article

"If I have 8 million qualified users spread around the country and each one can legally bet through a book and there’s an affiliate fee and a percentage of lifetime money, it’s like happy freaking birthday," Szubski told me. "That’s the billion-dollar business."

Why would a sports-book pay an TAN affiliate fee for customers? If, and only if, that sports-book expected said customers to be "profitable" i.e., lifetime losing customers. And yet, The Action Network markets itself as "the most trusted source for sports betting insights & analytics, improving your betting experience through data, tools, news".

This is of course, all bullshit, and their CEO confirmed it in that article. They know their information doesn't have real betting value, but need to get people to sign up for the site anyway, so they market themselves a service that can help sports bettors

Sorry for the long winded post, but I freaking hate tout scammers who market themselves as "helping bettors win", yet in reality turn right around and lead losing customers directly to sports-book instead to line their own pockets. It's hard enough for anybody to have some success gambling; paying for negative expected value information only compounds the difficulty.

As we approach gambling season, I strongly recommended you don't pay for picks, and I 100% recommend you do not pay for The Action Networks nonsense under the guise that it might help you win at sports betting.

Submitted by "JohnnyLugnuts" on 7/13/2022

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New Review Submitted for DubClub.win on 7/8/2022

Dub club is a platform where scammer handicappers go to thrive! They setup their entire platform to make sure they do!

Notice they don't keep track of handicapper records? Why is that?? Seems to me if they actually wanted to help sports bettors win they would provide some sort of documentation functionality so when members actually want to find honest and winning cappers they could, not just a bunch of scammers claiming they win all the time.

The entire platform is basically designed to help dishonest touts push their scams via text message, no accountability, no documentation, no records, no return on investment info, no nothing.

Actual honest cappers use platforms like Betstamp or similar apps where you cannot cheat the system and every play given out is recorded and documented so you can actually see a handicappers performance over time.

If you want to get scammed by shady dishonest handicappers, use Dubclub.

Submitted by "BrentYoung" on 7/8/2022

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New Review Submitted for ParlayLifestyle.com on 7/6/2022

These guys are either on the verge of dying or are just one of those sites that will not pay you once you win. I have over $10,000 of winnings that they won't payout.  DO NOT PLAY ON THIS SITE.

Submitted by "SteelCityJoe" on 7/6/2022

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New Review Submitted for SportsMemo.com on 7/5/2022

Joe D'Amico is a fraud. He's always 9-1 or 8-2 in his last 10 picks, I mean he's gotta be the greatest sports bettor in the world right? But where are these picks documented or tracked??? On wager talk? on sports memo? yeah OK!!!

Fraudster to the MAXXXXX He thinks he's the king of Vegas, but only in his little mind. It's very easy to go 9-1 on your last 10 picks when you just make it up on the fly or you work for services who fabricate insane records and profits on their websites to lure in dummies (like me I'm sad to say), but once you start buying and getting the actual picks and comparing to what they post on the site, you see it's all a scam.

I mean just look at this tool!!! Should have know from the beginning.

Submitted by "RoddyMac" on 7/5/2022

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New Review Submitted for MicroBro.com on 7/2/2022

Hello all..

I was a subscriber to Winpicks software which is available thru Microbrothers for over 20 years and last year was my last!! Former owner Mike sold out to an accounting outfit in 2019 who obviously must of had a son that wanted a side gig...AND HE RUINED IT!!

Former owner Mike Lombard invented the program over 20 plus years ago, made the program available for purchase. He would do yearly improvements and would add new features based on emailed responses from those that had purchased the programs, Mike was ALWAYS available via email to answer any questions.

The ENTIRE schedule for all of the NFL / College Football and NBA / College Basketball teams were loaded and ready to go when Mike released the program for that season....usually about the first week or two in July which gave you plenty of time to look a head and find key situations for betting advantage with regard to teams playing on the road for 3rd straight week or on the road for 3rd or 4th time in a 5 week span to name a few for example.

The new folks that run Winpicks now are TERRIBLE, the very first thing they did was jack up the price of the programs by nearly double what Mike sold the programs for and then give really really really shoddy service!! I stayed them over the past two years because I really liked the programs and of course I was totally used to the workings of the program having purchased it for the previous 20 years...thought I would give them a shot.

Over the past two seasons that I purchased the Parlay Pack from these new owners, which is a bundle of all Football and Basketball (like I have done year in and year out), NONE of the schedules for any teams in any sport were uploaded and installed at the start of the season....they did everything week to week and nearly last minute!!

The current NFL slate of Sunday games would end for example, as a handicapper you want to get a jump on next weeks line up of contests....BUT YOU CAN'T look ahead to see who is playing who until the following Tuesday or Wednesday when they "decide" to update the programs for the upcoming games....you actually have to go to ESPN to see the upcoming schedule for the upcoming week or ask Mr.Google to find the schedule for you....is it sooooooo wrong to ask for what you paid for which is handicapping program to assist you in making betting decisions based on statistics and schedules which should be readily accessible in a paid for program?

Over the past two years I have emailed the new owners at least a dozen times or so about the scheduling issue, not one time have I ever received a response from them! Its truly sad to see how they have run Mike's baby into the dirt....buyer beware because you WILL NOT be a happy camper and you buy this software off these new owners!

Take care and be well

Jim Campbell...


Submitted by "Dunbarsports" on 7/2/2022

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New Review Submitted for TheJSharp.com on 7/2/2022
This guy can straight handicap baseball, very good betting insight. I follow him on Twitter (https://twitter.com/JewishSharp) and he def knows what he's talking about.
Give him a try, you will def make some $$$ with him. Jewish Sharp is the real deal Holyfield.


Submitted by "MarkoP" on 7/2/2022

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New Review Submitted for LineSniper.com on 7/1/2022

Another great service! they also provide plenty of content & tools to help me find pos. expected value bets. Daniel and the boys really try to find value bets and actually try to provide true value to their customer base instead of simply trying to rip people off with standard scam capping practices.

Submitted by "Melkboys" on 7/1/2022

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New Review Submitted for StuFeiner.com on 6/26/2022

Submitted by "wl333333" on 6/26/2022

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New Review Submitted for PickMonitor.com on 6/7/2022
Wow! Pick Monitor is officially roadkill decaying by the roadside. What happened to this promising platform? Transparency was its goal, but its failure to remain progressive, the sell off by its creator, and ultimate creative stagnation has resulted in its current "dead mall" status. A crying shame if you ask me.

So, pregame.com appears to be the place to be at the moment. It is a well designed platform providing all the basics PickMonitor evolved into, but its creators should be forewarned. In order to avoid future "dead mall" status, it should work towards providing a "self service" platform for its members allowing creative expression. The ability for members to construct unique website-like pages within its confines will enable it to drive forward as it relates to maintain membership and attract new audiences... something PickMonitor failed to do.

Submitted by "tw9999" on 6/7/2022

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New Review Submitted for HankMorello.com on 6/1/2022

Dude is a total fraud, bought a week worth of picks and he goes 3-7, then tries to upsell me on a huge package for a month of his "insider vip picks" or some nonsense claiming those picks will be better, I told him to kick rocks, all this guy is after is your money he aint got no inside info or even a clue about picking winners.

Stay away from Hank Morello if that's even his real name which I highly doubt.

Submitted by "Guyfrank" on 6/1/2022

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New Review Submitted for Vegas-Dave.com on 5/31/2022

Vegas Dave has been scamming sports bettors by selling his selections of who he thinks will win and telling you how much money to put on it. He sells this plays, which comes in an email with only the team name and the amount to bet, to anywhere from $99-499.00. Dave has taken his business to the next level on social media, were he lies, deceives, and scams people who haven't yet purchased, or have purchased his service. The ways his business practice does this is by posting and lying to the public about who you actually provided as his picks for the game, sending both teams out for the provided game to say he had won either way. VD posts winning wagers and claims that they are his bets when in fact they aren't. He is scamming innocent people and stealing their hard earned money to selfishly boast and live a life of luxury. He needs to be stopped and put in jail.

Submitted by "VegasDaveFraud" on 5/31/2022

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New Review Submitted for DestroyTheBook.com on 5/27/2022

I have used this service three times just testing it out buying the NBA daily picks. So far 2-1 Not bad. I'm going to keep using them for a couple weeks and will be trying out the MLB picks as well. 

Submitted by "godin5150" on 5/27/2022

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New Complaint Reported for VegasJakeSports.com on 5/9/2022

This guys a Joke. "Hey guys a 50unit UFC play today! If it loses I owe $500" UFC guy fights then he goes Ghost mode! 😂 Everyone warned me about him! 

Submitted by "Smithsonian" on 5/9/2022

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New Review Submitted for PicksAndParlays.net on 5/5/2022

total frauds!

every capper they have going sucks!

all the numbers they post are a lie!

craig trapp, ben burns, ross benjamin, and the rest!

ripping people off with fake stats and promises!

Submitted by "jimewing" on 5/5/2022

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New Review Submitted for WinningAngle.com on 4/28/2022

his picks suck so bad, after seeing him boast about his winning percentage on twitter i decided to give him a try, i paid him for a week worth of picks, he proceeds to go 3-12 for the entire week, its unbelievable how bad he is, i mean i can do better than 3-12 picking blindly by myself, i would not recommend winning angle to anyone, he has no angles for winning..clearly.

Submitted by "Chavez71" on 4/28/2022

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New Review Submitted for CapperReviews.com on 4/22/2022

CapperReviews.com is 110% a scam website setup by most of those handicapper they push in order to make them look good and give them positive reviews, otherwise if any of those cappers were third party tracked and monitored they would have horrible reviews and be constantly losing units/money.

It's so obvious to see, they don't even try that hard to mask it. They push Kyle Hunter (who probably owns the whole site) like he's gods gift to sports betting. They talk crap about other handicappers who are not apart of the site.

If you look at the leader-boards, its clear to figure out those numbers are totally fabricated. No one can hit those kind of numbers or returns each month, especially not every handicapper you have on the site.

The scam they are running is so obvious and is why sports handicappers have such a bad name, even the real honest ones who work hard and make legitimate returns for their clients.

Again the scam is so obvious it's actually funny and kinda sad. Stay away from the Capper Reviews scam.

Submitted by "Driftmodesquad" on 4/22/2022

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New Review Submitted for SteadyPicks.com on 4/21/2022
Love this service!!! Found them through the BroMalley Show podcast with Sean O'Malley and his brother. Their picks are free and are very good. I enjoy the write ups they provide. These guys embrace and promote their picks even when they lose which I find to be rare. I see another review on here mentions them selling picks, which they certainly do not do. They call out all of the touts on their morning show, so I am pretty sure they would never sell pick packages. The only thing I dislike about the service is that they do not offer picks for all sports. I don't see any Hockey or Soccer, but they are very good at the sports they do have. Overall, would reccomend them to everyone. 

Submitted by "NBAsharp88" on 4/21/2022

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New Review Submitted for DocSports.com on 4/18/2022

Love that all of Doc's content, videos, and tools are free and they have write-ups for every single game. Most others put a lot behind a paywall and just do best bets. Some very smart handicappers working for Doc too. Great services for sports bettors overall.

Submitted by "Gmanplayer21" on 4/18/2022

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New Review Submitted for JoeWizSports.com on 4/18/2022

Joe is a veteran handicapper, he def. knows what he's talking about. If he gives you a pick, you can bank on it hitting 60% of the time. Day in and day out.

He's been around since the beginning, an OG in the industry.

I trust Joe's picks and advice.

Submitted by "Flanigan107" on 4/18/2022

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New Review Submitted for ATSWins.com on 4/12/2022

been using the insiders club now for over 2 months and I have up some good coin, i'm paying them a fortune too but i'm making a lot of money...you get what you pay for, so far so good.

Submitted by "Bigdogbets1" on 4/12/2022

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New Review Submitted for ProComputerGambler.com on 4/12/2022

The numbers don’t lie. PCG is a pro at the highest level. PCG doesn’t pick a lot of games but it’s the quality of those picks that are turning heads, and a 55% win rate since the middle of 2010, and a consistent average 20% gain per month. I highly recommend ProComputerGambler.net A+ service

Submitted by "Galestorm" on 4/12/2022

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New Review Submitted for TheMachinesPicks.com on 4/11/2022

I have been emailing them for over a week and response. Trying to cancel my service. Nice company 

Submitted by "Oleman" on 4/11/2022

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New Review Submitted for BenderWins.com on 4/5/2022

Love watching this guys daily videos on YouTube, he's got some great insights to games and gives out some good free picks each day.

Keep up the good work Ryan, in a pretty crappy industry full of shysters, con men, and fly-by-night services, you seem to be doing it the right way.

Looking forward to watching you daily and keep the winners coming.

Submitted by "Jerrymoses1992" on 4/5/2022

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New Review Submitted for JayThompsonSports.com on 4/3/2022

ATOTAL SCAM 10% SCAM!! I bought three different times and received NOTHING except for"WE ARE TRYING TO SEND OUT THE TEXT!;

Submitted by "HappyNewYear22" on 4/3/2022

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New Review Submitted for FreeWinners.net on 3/28/2022

The picks have been great but they are way too expensive. I bet 100 a game and these guys want 1000's.
Thanks but no thanks.

Submitted by "Betforlife" on 3/28/2022

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New Complaint Reported for RichieRichPicks.com on 3/25/2022


Submitted by "jrapp216" on 3/25/2022

Did you find this review helpful? Yes / No

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New Review Submitted for CherryHockey.cappertek.com on 3/14/2022



Submitted by "jeffm22551" on 3/14/2022

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