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New Review Submitted for DubClub.win on 12/2/2022

Been ripped off by a few guys who use this app. Always seem to be winning, but as soon as I subscribe they can't win any more.

It's like literally they are always winning and on fire but as soon as they start texting you picks none of them win and are barely picking 50%.

Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

Submitted by "MuppetsBetBettor" on 12/2/2022

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New Review Submitted for OffshorePicks.net on 12/1/2022

Stay away from these guy's they are top notch scammers !!

Submitted by "Jaytee2988" on 12/1/2022

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New Review Submitted for SportsLine.com on 11/30/2022





Submitted by "CHarlieDyson9191" on 11/30/2022

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New Review Submitted for LinemakerSports.com on 11/28/2022

Honestly in a business with a buch of sleeze bags these guys really try their hardest to help you and are very transparent each month with the results that you are going to get. Tried their pick service out for a month and turned a decent profit nothing crazy but you can tell they are legit and know what they are doing.

Submitted by "BigJeff777" on 11/28/2022

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New Review Submitted for KyleCovers.com on 11/24/2022

Don’t do it to yourself I have tried many different handicappers by far the worse he has a guarantee if he doesn’t win to receive your money back but he doesn’t post his picks any longer because he has gotten murdered the last four months he says football is his bread and butter you can do better yourself it’s been brutal then on his site he only post a winning day and they are few and far between out of the last seventeen days eleven losing days and when he loses he gets smashed

Submitted by "Bigskinny4088" on 11/24/2022

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New Review Submitted for TheCashmanWins.com on 11/24/2022

Alan Cashman is one of the best in the industry. His subscriptions prices are the lowest around with his ROI being one of the best. I promise you, long-term you will show a profit. I’ve been betting on sports a long time and have used many different paid sites in handicappers and  the cash man is second to none.  I just recently committed and paid for lifetime subscription. He gives you a wide variety of selections whether they Are  subscription pics, his leans or analytics. 

Submitted by "Isaubaby" on 11/24/2022

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New Review Submitted for WinningVegasHandicappers.com on 11/23/2022

Gigi Popescu is a con-man, he tricks you into thinking he knows about sports betting.

All he does is flip a coin for his betting advice, that's clear once you start getting his selections that lose consistently.

He is more interested in stealing your money rather than giving you winning plays.

He does his business from outside the states (Romania) because if he was here, he would have been locked up for his crimes a long time ago.

Steer clear of this long-time scammer at all costs, all he will do is steal your money and make you lose.



Submitted by "LarryPopescu" on 11/23/2022

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New Review Submitted for SpankOdds.com on 11/17/2022

Wish I had read the reviews [ FIRST] God damn jay you scamming HARD

Submitted by "Akwyche" on 11/17/2022

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New Review Submitted for JayThompsonSports.com on 11/17/2022

Got a text from Jay  Thompson  $4 for VIP I paid it can't get in... Then they text me say I won't get no more Texts  from this  number SMh

Submitted by "Akwyche" on 11/17/2022

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New Review Submitted for Dimers.com on 11/15/2022

The picks and parlays they put out are trash. They're "FREE" for a reason. Not experienced professionals or actual sports bettors at all just a bunch of randoms that like sports and have online tech knowledge but should NOT be giving any sports advice.

It's just a new wave tech company that wants to appear on the outside that they have good betting advice and knowledge just so they can push sportsbooks and show you ads for various online betting services.

Just pay a professional capper for the real picks and save your time and loss of money.

Submitted by "Papariley1980" on 11/15/2022

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New Review Submitted for TheJSharp.com on 11/15/2022

TheJewishSharp is just another scumbag capper. I regretfully used this scammers service last year. In the first week he went 6W-19L. I reached out to him to complain and request a refund due to me losing so much money. No surprise, he refused to refund my money and told me that he hired some new cappers to join his team so that things should pick up. That makes no sense as he has claimed that the reason he got into selling his picks is because he himself would win so much with his sports knowledge, hence his name. Obviously that was just a common lie he tells his customers to try to get them off his back as he continues to attempt to steal more money from them. He finished the service going 18W-34L-3P. This was comically bad as he buys points on every play too. He actually had the nerve to ask me to extend the service lol. Didn't even offer more free time to try and make up for his losing picks, probably because that is the norm and he will just continue to lose and scam people out of more and more money unfortunately. 

Please stay far away from this loser and if you ever see his picks given out for free make sure to fade them. Hopefully this review will help some others from being scammed by this con artist. 

Submitted by "JustinG" on 11/15/2022

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New Review Submitted for PickDawgz.com on 11/14/2022

Pick Dawgz.......have used them on two separate occasions.

Back in 2020 and then again this year.  Could be wrong on the 2020, but have definitely used them twice.  I used them in football and basketball both college and pro.

I have never won a dime with them.  They are awful.....the only thing they offer you are picks until you get even. I have not paid for a pick from them since October, 2020 because they are awful.  I believe their claims are inflated or they are masters at manipulating stats.

It is like "I've been giving you poison, would you like some more?"

It is Bull garbage >>>>>>>>> but it is on me.....should know better.

My advice to you folks.....pick three games, flip a coin on each and go with that.....good as any method.

Submitted by "TakeTheRake" on 11/14/2022

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New Review Submitted for WiseGuyTeam.com on 11/11/2022

Started off well until about halfway through baseball season. Total collapse since mid-July and has fallen off a cliff the last two months.

Nice guy, but he's killing my bankroll.

Submitted by "alexknyc" on 11/11/2022

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New Review Submitted for TheWhalePicks.com on 11/11/2022

Don't buy ANYTHING this guy is selling. He's a long-time known scammer who couldn't pick a winner if his life depended on it.

If you'd followed his bets and betting advice since August 2021, you'd be down over 25k (I have his emailed picks and results going back that far).

Run, don't walk, far away from anything Sports Betting Whale (or John Morrison or Tony Chau, it's all the same scammer)is selling.

Submitted by "alexknyc" on 11/11/2022

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New Review Submitted for ThePhillyGodfather.com on 11/11/2022

Day after day, they get all their “best moves” bets wrong and all of their parlay advice never works out. Easily the worst betting advice guy and it’s not close. DO NOT put your money where these people say to, all they do is brag about their winning streaks but I have yet to see one. Lol. Horrible

Submitted by "BatuJohn" on 11/11/2022

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New Review Submitted for SwishAnalytics.com on 11/9/2022

Really who ever or whatever does the picking against the spread on SwishAnalytics is horrible! I used it for about month maybe two and lost waaaaay more then I won. Using its so called "machine learning" picks for NFL games. Waste of time and a bad service to use. BIG THUMBS DOWN

Submitted by "Rimpak" on 11/9/2022

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New Review Submitted for Pickswise.com on 11/8/2022

Pickswise just highlights how much they win and how they always hit on their big bets. I've now followed 10 straight days where I bet their "Best Bets" and I've only won 1 of the 10 days - which does not reflect their promotions on social media.

Do not use Pickswise as it appears they inflate how great their picks are their promo's and one must question if they get a kickback from the sports-books with their suggestions, because they 100% lose more than they win consistently.

I have lost a TON of cash using their info, and of course to a sports-book in which I signed up through them, so I wonder how much of money lost money they received. Simply seems like a sports-book run churn and burn operation.

Submitted by "Aljo999" on 11/8/2022

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New Review Submitted for FiveStarSportsPicks.com on 11/1/2022

Claims to be "the goat" of sports betting. Yet I have about a 20% win
rate with him, get non stop marketing spam, and underdelivers on his
Don't let this show boater fool you. There's a method to his madness on
social media because it works at suckering people in to at least giving
his "systems" a go. Once you take that leap of faith, good luck getting
any type of refund even when he provides little to no value. He always
claims how he doesn't "scam" because he provides picks. Well, while that
is technically true, not knowing the packages before purchasing, how
they work, what you can expect to bet, how much bankroll you'd actually
need to even make up the cost of the package let alone profit, and the
spam (oh god the spam) has to be on verge of one of the bigger scams
I've ever seen. No explanations on how each package works (all are
vastly different) until you actually purchase one. The moment I bought 1
package I was non stop spammed via text, email, and other SM...nothing to do with picks, just all about marketing his
packages. It has to be the most spam I've EVER gotten, EVER.

A basic example to give you an idea of his "WHALE package" as he touts
to be the best of the best. It cost me $200, once I finally received
some picks and the units to use, it was legit 2 SMALL unit bets that
based on my bankroll of $2,000 and following the unit system to keep
risk management in check, even if I had WON both bets, I would be down money
after the package cost (YES AFTER WINNING). I kept thinking there had to
be more to it but there wasn't. This was NOT one incident. One bet I
got I would have needed to have around a $80,000 bankroll just to break
even after factoring in the cost of the package...this needs to be way
more transparent and or they need to allow for refunds when you can't
even expect to breakeven even while WINNING...one can dream...

While he does seem fairly transparent on losing weekends and such (props
to him for that and was honestly the reason I gave him a shot), there
is just no way you can make his packages worthwhile without a good size
bankroll. I could see it working for people with maybe $40,000+ to
sports bet with, but other than that you just can't trust his packages
to make you anything but put you in the hole. I have around a 20% win
rate with him. I honestly can pick more accurately with my own Power
Ratings system and will continue to do so from now on while using a
simple unit system. I'm chalking up all the packages I bought to
see how it would pan out as a giant mistake to learn from. Learn how to
power rate/rank and create lines on your own, I promise you that you
will be way better off than spending a dime on scammers like this.

Submitted by "BetTheFarm1" on 11/1/2022

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New Review Submitted for BenderWins.com on 11/1/2022

Three months in Master Class and I’m down $1688 plus the cost to subscribe of $300USD -I canceled it ! Finally the blood bath has ended! 

Submitted by "Onip007" on 11/1/2022

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New Review Submitted for DynamicWinners.com on 11/1/2022

This is my 2nd time trying out sports gambling and Kevin Jacobs my VIP account manager has taken my $500 bankroll into $5,800 in 6 weeks. After we hit the Browns last night I felt it was only fair to leave a good review. Total class act, very professional, no high pressure sales tactics and he has shown me how to manage my bank role and that accordingly if I ever decide to go on my own as well as how to read line movements. I got lucky since this is my first service so if you’re looking for your first, this is a place to go. Thanks Tony Sirico

Submitted by "Tsirico52" on 11/1/2022

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New Complaint Reported for ParamountSports.com on 10/17/2022
Lee Sterling, @paramountsports record for the last three weeks in combined subscriber, podcast and radio station plays: NCAA FB (28-37), NFL (21-18), UFC (2-0), NHL (2-1), MLB (7-10) & Total (60-66).  Be VERY CAREFUL.  He’s UNDER .500! Unfortunately, he advertises on radio shows and podcast an incredible record of “winning” weeks.  STAY AWAY!

Submitted by "Bcostello1971" on 10/17/2022

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New Review Submitted for WagerTalk.com on 10/12/2022

Nothing but scamdicappers on wagertalk, I've tried most of their experts and they always push and boast great numbers but when you buy and start getting picks from them, there's always excuses for why they lose, "we'll bounce back tomorrow", "you can't win everyday", "stick with it", and "there are ups and downs" are common expressions you'll get from them because they just cannot win consistently.

It's funny how all their experts are shown as winning on the website, app, youtube, twitter, pods, etc. but you never see the results play out in real-life when you actually buy a package from them, really a nice scamdicapper operation in full force designed to deceive customers into buying "winning picks" that do not exist in the real world.

Stay far away from Wager Talk, these frauds will drain your bank account while giving you below average sports picks, along with all their BS excuses and fake numbers.

"Scamdicapper" Definition:

Noun; scamdicap, Verb; scamdicaping, Adjective; scamdicapper: The act of, or a person who, pretends to be a sports handicapper in order to obtain money from vulnerable sports bettors. This person can usually be identified as a normal looking, physically capable, and otherwise mobile person that pretends to be the best handicapper in the sports betting industry usually with no verifiable track record and fake ROI figures and win/loss statistics.

Submitted by "BenTheGreat1" on 10/12/2022

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New Review Submitted for YLose.com on 10/8/2022

You will lose your money messing with this dude he don't know ncaaf or NFL

Submitted by "Mikethelocksmith" on 10/8/2022

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New Review Submitted for FiveStarSignups.com on 9/25/2022

this company is a scam -- only after your money and don't care what lies they tell you to get it, I suggest everyone to stay away and avoid them!

they put on their website that they're featured Fox News and MSNBC, etc. but I searched the entire web and found ZERO references to any of this NOT ONE - just a lie to make their scam business seem more legit. Can't explain how that's even legal to say you're featured on major news networks when it's a lie?


Submitted by "Majordegen" on 9/25/2022

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New Review Submitted for StuFeiner.com on 9/24/2022




Submitted by "FrankJames91" on 9/24/2022

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New Review Submitted for ATSWins.com on 9/20/2022

Am I the only that admits to betting? :) Anyway I'm happy with ATS so far. Just came in this season and they just won the Chargers last night making the NFL run 7-1 and I just collected 4 of 5 weeks. I'll send another update as season progresses.




Submitted by "ralphyM" on 9/20/2022

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New Review Submitted for KelsoSportsHandicapping.com on 9/18/2022

Kelso Sturgeon is a waste of money! After a mediocre start to this football season, Kelso’s picks have now lost me six in a row. Kelso’s picks are draining my account, avoid this man!!! 

Submitted by "Anderson9999" on 9/18/2022

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New Review Submitted for FurysFightPicks.com on 9/10/2022

Luca's a clown, fake tough guy, fake MMA expert, he now runs his BS on Patreon. He acts like he's gods gift to MMA and he offers "educational classes" where he can teach you how to bet and profit from MMA and UFC betting.

That's like Martha Stewart or Bernie Madoff giving classes on how to profit from the stock market! LMFAO!! Notice he doesn't post his MMA picks anywhere? I would think that would be someone who claims to be an experts number one priority, no? If you can actually show customers actual performance results, that would only bolster your credibility? No? I guess not.

Don't use Mr. Fury's MMA betting advice, he's got no clue, just research the fights yourself and save your money as your results will more than likely be better than his results. CLOWN




Submitted by "IAmABot" on 9/10/2022

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New Review Submitted for ActionNetwork.com on 9/9/2022

The Action app is BY FAR the best app in the space. They have every single feature, bet type, odds, functions, etc. you can ask for in such an app.

There is literally no reason to complain about it, it's free, it's useful, it's the most downloaded, and it's by far THE VERY BEST.

Go and download it today to see for yourself.

Submitted by "Rippnrolla" on 9/9/2022

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New Review Submitted for MintyBets.twitter.com on 9/6/2022

I've been following this chick on Twitter for a while now, she's nice
to look at but when it comes to actual sports betting, she's got no
clue what she's talking about.

Simply a hot chick first hired to honeypot for Wager Talk, joining Kelly Stewart, and then snatched up by Yahoo Sportsbook to lure in males to click her profile because they want to
see her pictures or hit on her and then she can push her betting advice on them once they start following her (that's how she got me, I saw a hot chick talking about sports betting so I followed).

Not a bad plan if you ask me but in terms of
the actual betting knowledge or winning sports betting advice you are
getting from her you may as well flip a coin which is pretty much what I
think she does. She doesn't document her betting picks anywhere but if she did, she would be down a ton of money from what I can tell loosely following her on Twitter, seems like lots of losing days and winners are few and far between. Seems like after every pick slate she puts out on Twitter, once they start losing she starts making all kinds of excuses and complaints on why its losing or blaming the teams, that's not really how sports betting advice works. You have to stand by your picks, not make excuses which she does more times than not.

Now she's got a UFC gig on TV for UFC Fight Pass. All the sudden
they expect us to believe she knows what she's talking about when it
comes to UFC betting? I can't recall her ever putting out or even talking about UFC betting picks or advice on Twitter? You wonder how long they can ride her before
people start figuring out she's got no clue.

Submitted by "Diaryofabetman" on 9/6/2022

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New Review Submitted for CarlosPicks.com on 9/4/2022

Seems like a total scam. I've lost over $20,000 in the last 6 months. They present winning rates of 70 to 75%. Every time I pay for a subscription there whatever sport it is it immediately tanks. When I change my subscription it immediately goes back up. Within days. I think the records posted there are bs, adjusted after the fact, or maybe completely fake when no one is betting on that sport and thus checking their results.

Submitted by "Jazzman" on 9/4/2022

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New Review Submitted for OddsTrader.com on 9/4/2022

Odds Trader is a solid platform. Provides a lot of useful tools and analytical data for betting and its all free to access. I think they are owned by SBR so they have access to a lot of data and insight.

I use the OddsTrader BetStation Android app everyday, very useful app if you're into sports betting.

Shoot over there and give them a shot today if you are looking for more insights before placing your sports wagers.

Submitted by "martybryds" on 9/4/2022

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New Review Submitted for VSiN.com on 9/1/2022

I have lost multiple bets because instead of going with my original plan I listened to these so called experts and made me change my mind .… don't use VSIN if you really know what you are doing because it will make you second guess yourself and cause you to change your bets and wind up losing ….


Submitted by "ChittDudes" on 9/1/2022

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New Review Submitted for TheBigManOnCampus.cappertek.com on 9/1/2022

Jeff Nadu

THIS fat POS has no clue when it comes to betting, just another fat blow hard actin like he knows what he talkin about on twitter, why you think he stopped tracking his picks on here in 2017 because all he does is lose money and talk shit, if he or anyone else track the picks he puts out you will easily see he has no clue and just loses money day-after-day

Anybody can go on twitter and say they win but once you start tracking it or bet real money, its a different game, why you think he does his corny ass mob pod which sucks ass by the way, rather listen to paint dry, even his fat ass realizes his days as a so-called sports betting expert are numbered once more people get exposed to him now that hes back with bar stool, you can talk and talk but its always comes back to bite you in the ass when people start realizing you clueles, he posts up on twitter and asks people to ask him questions like he know what he talking about, just making up shit off the top of his head for obscure college teams and pretending he got the inside track or something

Jeff is a fraud and knows nothing about betting on sports, he just acts like he does, why dont he post any bet slips on twitter? because even he dont bet his own picks because they lose, im sure bar stool will start generating fake bet slips for him with high dollar amounts like they do for Portnoy and Big Cat so they can con people into thinking the stiffs at bar stool are actually good sports bettors, but the fact is bar stool sportsbook would never give out those high limits to actual sharps or people who can win they shut down or limit their accounts

Nadu is a fraud, he says hes from Philly but dude lives in Lancaster, PA with the Amish ridin around on a horse and buggy he prob never even been to Philly. With that corny ass haircut and five chins, dont look like he ever leaves Amish country. Just a loser poser fraud on twitter claiming he a 'sports betting expert'


Submitted by "NaDoDaDo" on 9/1/2022

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New Review Submitted for PicksAndParlays.net on 8/31/2022

Do not get involved  with
this group  of clowns. They will make you lose  all your money  and
can't  pick a winner if it was a fixed game !!!

Submitted by "UnitedChris" on 8/31/2022

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New Review Submitted for EdgHouse.com on 8/29/2022

EdgHouse is friggin nuts! In a good way, they offer every stat you can imagine in regards to sports betting. It's unreal how much info they offer, you can actually get lost but a valuable sports handicapping tool that every single serious sports bettor must use!

EdgHouse is a premium sports betting research platform and service. They currently cover NFL, NBA & MLB betting and provide users with betting tools designed to help them make smarter data-driven betting decisions.

Using their betting tools & reports will cut your research time down significantly and help you gain a competitive advantage while finding an edge that is needed to beat the sportsbooks in the long run.

"@EdgHouse really is the best. All the info you could want on.....I can do all the research I need for game bets and player props all in one place AND they have the best, most responsive customer service. What a treat to start my week."

Check them out today, if you want to elevate your sports betting! EdgHouse has every single sports handicapping tool you will ever need to succeed!

Submitted by "LockDownBets" on 8/29/2022

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New Review Submitted for PickMonitor.com on 8/26/2022

Cappertek should reach out to the owner of the former PickMonitor.  Fortunately, Cappertek survived the pandemic and also the economy with a record-breaking inflation rate which this country has not seen since the country was being run by a peanut farmer from Georgia (Jimmy Carter).  However, even though they have survived, many of their best cappers and long-time cappers are no longer around.  I spent many hours doing statistical analysis on many of these capper.  I am fond of parlay bets.  Therefore, many of the stats I kept were for the number of days per month in which these cappers had multiple winners in the same day without any losers.....perfect parlay winners!!!!  Some of these cappers would often have only 3 picks for a day.  However, when all three were winners it made for a good 3-leg parlay that would usually pay around +275.  But that was not the best of it, there were quite a few cappers who would pick 4, 5 or 6 winners in the same day without any losers.  I made some decent winnings with those cappers who are now gone.  It is crystal clear that Cappertek will not fold and will hang in there even through the bad times too.  However, they definitely need to recruit the best capper from PickMonitor and reach out to some of their former cappers who has these great winning records to get them back on this site.  Once they do that, I will be more than happy to pay for a much higher membership fee as long as I am getting my money's worth!!!!

Submitted by "JAYKAYESQ" on 8/26/2022

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New Review Submitted for TheBookie.co on 8/24/2022

Absolute scammers running this website, the ring leader being some jackass named Garret, all he does is BS BS BS BS BS BS you with insane lies and promises, I pay him for a 1-day package and then he refuses to give me what I paid for right off the bat and tried to upsell me again into a more expensive package.

It's unconscionable how this scumbag operates, he lives only to steal your money and will not give you anything valuable in return as he only has dollar signs on his mind when he is talking to you. I looked up the address he lists on the bottom of his website and it's not even an actual business address nor does it even exist? It's a completely made up address.

That's the depths these shysters go to lure you into the scam they run. They don't analyze any games, they don't have a staff of experts who crunch the numbers or stats, they don't provide any actual tools to help you, it's just a basic website with a bunch of fancy words and pictures to confuse you into thinking they actually have more knowledge than you.

Beware of this service and other services like it, all scams, don't give them any money until they can prove to you they can provide you value, if they ask for money up-front, it's a scam 100% of the time.

Submitted by "Danooccp" on 8/24/2022

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New Review Submitted for FreddysPlays.cappertek.com on 8/19/2022
Freddy is the Bitcoin of Sport Betting!!

Submitted by "Airebus" on 8/19/2022

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New Review Submitted for TheParlayKing.com on 8/10/2022

Parlay Kings is the best parlay site to fit all your needs I would recommend it to anyone who gambles they are very polite and courteous if I ever needed help they were prompt almost immediate and I never experienced one single problem with them I've been with them for a while now and I guarantee it's one of the best parlay site around

Submitted by "Jbird01" on 8/10/2022

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