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New Review Submitted for VicMonteSports.com on 2/23/2015
This dude is a MONSTER!

Picks have been on point past couple of weeks!
Submitted by "CaliRick" on 2/23/2015 from IP address "".
New Review Submitted for VicMonteSports.com on 12/6/2014
i have been buying monte's consensus reports for years now, best reports in the biz by far
Submitted by "FootballGem1" on 12/6/2014 from IP address "".
New Review Submitted for VicMonteSports.com on 11/10/2014
Great week last week! I could not ask for more.
Submitted by "DanMorgan71" on 11/10/2014 from IP address "".
New Review Submitted for VicMonteSports.com on 8/29/2014
Signed up for a weeks picks with Vic, not bad at all. He def. knows what he is doing! Not just BS like most other guys. You got a customer for a while bro!
Submitted by "magicmike3" on 8/29/2014 from IP address "".
New Review Submitted for VicMonteSports.com on 7/30/2014
VicMonteSports.com is the most trusted sports service I have been apart of. Win, Lose or Draw Monte gloats abouts his wins and lets off steam about his losses. Their Consensus Report is the best in the industry, I get a great selection of premium plays from various different handicappers & sports services across the net, the picks are 100000% accurate when I compare it to what that particular service is claiming the next day. Prices are afforadable, plays are guaranteed, his twitter handle is fun and informative, his recorded messages are AMAZING!
Submitted by "Vinny" on 7/30/2014 from IP address "".
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