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New Complaint Reported for on 11/10/2021 Review

They have a %90 hit ratio and I know it's my fault. :-) Anyway when I bought tips, ( their hit ratıo drop to %40's. But they didn't change results.(yet) By the time all tipster sites on where I found are simultaneous. They renew at the same time. (new tips. records, etc.) Maybe all the sites owned by the same person or scammer community.

Submitted by "Ashina" on 11/10/2021

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New Review Submitted for on 1/17/2022
This is the best handicapper website out there so far. Their customer service is a top notch! 

Submitted by "ReewaNader" on 1/17/2022

New Review Submitted for on 1/14/2022

dont trust wagertalk i used various cappers they offer on the site and they all stink cant pick worth anything total waste of my time and money





Submitted by "jagsfan1" on 1/14/2022

New Review Submitted for on 1/13/2022

Highly recommended! They went above and beyond in terms of customer service and consistently delivered on their unrivaled industry promise.

Submitted by "DavidT" on 1/13/2022

New Review Submitted for on 1/12/2022

One of the greatest is Kyle Covers Spreads. These folks go above and beyond, which sets them apart from the competition. I will always be a client due of your outstanding customer service.

Submitted by "lm7359213" on 1/12/2022

New Review Submitted for on 1/11/2022
Thank you so much for the great service I have improved my game so much!

Submitted by "db7408770" on 1/11/2022

New Review Submitted for on 1/7/2022

Scammer !!!

Their Lock clubs should be called UNLOCK CLUBS, they are terrible, claiming 70% win rate when in reality they are 20% at best !!  Their Football is at 26% currently and their nhl is a tad bit better at 34 % these guys are so bad. When i opened a dispute they immediately reacted to me, made me another deal , had me close my account then a few months later stopped that deal. When i questioned them, and showed them proof, they called me the scammer and liar, they were rude and attempted to blame me for it all. DONT EVER CLOSE YOUR C,AIM UNTILL YOUR MONEY IS REFUNDED IN FULL !!


Submitted by "Khela99" on 1/7/2022

New Review Submitted for on 1/7/2022

You guys offer the best service ever! Best experience I've had since trying a handicapper.

Submitted by "bowersbill367" on 1/7/2022

New Review Submitted for on 1/5/2022

I've never been more satisfied with the service I am receiving from Kyle Cover Spreads. I will be a longtime customer for years to come. Thank you for all your hard work!

Submitted by "PeggyC" on 1/5/2022

New Review Submitted for on 1/5/2022

Don't waste your time with these guys it's a complete scam and they know how to get you in the door with all their fake answers.  They claim to win 85% and focus on the week but what they do is raise the units bet when you are down so it pretty much means that you can win some weeks but the losing weeks are much greater than the winning ones. I tried it out for 12 weeks and had acouple winning weeks at first between 5 to 10 units but 4 of the weeks I lost alot more units than I won the other weeks. 1 week I lost 60 units and it pretty much wiped my bankroll. Dude named Max that talked me into it promised a money back gaurentee( knew that was bullshit) then even had the audacity to ask for more money saying that the money back was for the end of the year. All I can do is laugh at these people they should be put in jail for fraud. Trust me save your money.

Submitted by "Bigdoggg11" on 1/5/2022

New Review Submitted for on 1/3/2022

Kyle Covers Spreads is one of the best. These guys go above and beyond and that's their difference among others. I will always be a customer because of your phenomenal customer service.

Submitted by "LindaO" on 1/3/2022

New Review Submitted for on 12/31/2021

Very satisfied with the picks. Great customer service as well. No complaints. 

Submitted by "Jtrenton" on 12/31/2021

New Review Submitted for on 12/30/2021

Great experience so far. Super accurate picks. I have already hit profitability and Super satisficed I must say. One of the best Handicappers that I have ever used ( I have used quite a few). Highly recommend, no matter what your skill level is. 

Submitted by "MandyMHB" on 12/30/2021

New Review Submitted for on 12/25/2021

Paid ATS for a weekly package. They only gave me 1 pick and it lost bad and then refused to give me any more picks because they said said I was wasting my time playing their "standard picks" and tried to upgrade me to a VIP "Lock Club" package for stupid money.

They are very rude people. They make you feel stupid in order to upsell you and steal your money.

This operation is not about giving out winning sports picks or giving you an advantage over a sportsbook. They are about trying to empty your pockets first and foremost.

Every pick they post on their "Lock Club" website is fake, they show all their picks have won but that is simply not true. It says they are picking 70%, that is mathematically impossible.

Stay far away from ATS and other services like them.

Submitted by "NYrangers35" on 12/25/2021

New Review Submitted for on 12/23/2021

It is hard to believe this company is allowed to be on the radio. They use words like guarantees, speak about fixing games, etc. They ask for $10,000 up front and promise 5 guaranteed wins. I did not pay that, but did a smaller amount, only to go 3-8 with their plays. They act like it's unheard of that they have this bad streak. STAY AWAY from this company. 

Submitted by "Soonerfan87" on 12/23/2021

New Review Submitted for on 12/21/2021
I highly recommend their service! Really good handicappers and my win rate was about 50% Thank you.

Submitted by "JamesEnglert12" on 12/21/2021

New Review Submitted for on 12/20/2021

This was recommended to me by a friend and in my first month of using, I finished with a 57% win rate. One of the best experience I've had since trying a handicapper.

Submitted by "LloydCloutier1" on 12/20/2021

New Review Submitted for on 12/18/2021

Submitted by "JeffSprague" on 12/18/2021

New Review Submitted for on 12/18/2021

Submitted by "JeffSprague" on 12/18/2021

New Review Submitted for on 12/18/2021

Submitted by "JeffSprague" on 12/18/2021

New Review Submitted for on 12/18/2021

Submitted by "JeffSprague" on 12/18/2021

New Review Submitted for on 12/18/2021

Their customer service is excellent. I had some issues so I contacted their team and gladly I was refunded the same day. Thank you so much!

Submitted by "WesleyRehkop01" on 12/18/2021

New Review Submitted for on 12/14/2021

Kyle Covers is a complete joke.  He only posts when he wins and that is very rarely.  I’m down every night from him and you won’t make money.  Stay away from him at all costs and I signed up with him for 2 months.  

Submitted by "J2thered11" on 12/14/2021

New Review Submitted for on 12/14/2021

All the records and profits posted on the site are fake and completely made up. They constantly change the results of the picks the cappers give out. They also remove losses from handicappers profiles to help inflate their numbers. Makes me sick how blatantly dishonest wagertalk is!

They're not even honest with their advertisers! Looks like they screw them too:

DONT DO BUSINESS WITH | @WagerTalk – Pro Sports Extra |


Submitted by "mortons9" on 12/14/2021

New Review Submitted for on 12/13/2021

I would like to thank captek for doing the right thing and restoring my review for these scammers.

Here are some links to more reviews from other people scammed by ATSwins:

ATS Consultants True Story - Sports Handicapping at cappersmall

ATS | Complaints | Better Business Bureau® Profile ( ( - 1 Reviews, Complaints & Ripoffs at

Submitted by "Alphabrain9" on 12/13/2021

New Review Submitted for on 12/9/2021

I signed up for free on the site after hearing about them on a podcast. They gave me a few plays the first day and they went 2-4. No big deal everyone has off days. Cost me a few bucks but no biggie. It's still gambling at the end of the day.

Next day they tried to get me to purchase a package, I told them not until they give me some winners for few days. Also asked them where I can see their track record of plays in the past and got the runaround. They claim they are transparent but I cannot find their past plays anywhere worth believing.

I don't pay a penny unless I get winners and I see a track record.

Seems to be another scam tout operation with typical bait and switch tactics. I would not recommend.

Submitted by "Pontekris" on 12/9/2021

New Review Submitted for on 12/7/2021

Stuart's picks are not good. No better than somebody just flipping a coin. He is a good entertainer and an even better salesmen but he consistently loses money week after week, month after month, year after year, and decade after decade.

He just cannot make money betting on sports, he can only make money from people paying him to help them make money betting on sports, but after a few weeks you realize he just cannot do it.

I have tried his picks before, and have followed his picks for years now. He has one good weekend, and then 5 bad weekends but he still pushes that one good weekend he had 5 weeks ago and forgets the constant losing since. If there was a chart that tracked the money lost from all of Stu's picks from the day he started, that chart would follow a consistent downward red arrow for his entire career.

There is nothing "professional", "sharp" or "expert" about his picks or the betting advice he offers.

If I can give anyone out there some advice, do not pay Stu for picks, because he will consistently lose your money until there is nothing left. He has been doing that for decades now.

Submitted by "Moneysharp" on 12/7/2021

New Review Submitted for on 12/7/2021

So far so good since I’ve signed up with this team of handicappers. From my time so far I’ve found their college hoops and nhl experts to be the most accurate but so far very solid all around. The computer projections they offer are useful when trying to make my own picks, most other services don’t provide these extras. One of the better services I’ve used, alongside Fivestar. Profitable days for the majority of the month! Keep up the good work.

Submitted by "Tyler915" on 12/7/2021

New Review Submitted for on 11/23/2021

Claims to be "the goat" of sports betting. Yet I have about a 20% win rate with him, get non stop marketing spam, and under delivers on his services. Don't let this show boater fool you. There's a method to his madness on social media because it works at suckering people in to at least giving his "systems" a go. Once you take that leap of faith, good luck getting any type of refund even when he provides little to no value. He always claims how he doesn't "scam" because he provides picks. Well, while that is technically true, not knowing the packages before purchasing, how they work, what you can expect to bet, how much bankroll you'd actually need to even make up the cost of the package let alone profit, and the spam (oh god the spam) has to be on verge of one of the bigger scams I've ever seen. No explanations on how each package works (all are vastly different) until you actually purchase one. The moment I bought 1 package I was non stop spammed via text, email, and the telegram service...nothing to do with picks, just all about marketing his packages. It has to be the most spam I've EVER gotten, EVER. A basic example to give you an idea of his "WHALE package" as he touts to be the best of the best. It cost me $200, once I finally received some picks and the units to use, it was legit 2 SMALL unit bets that based on my bankroll of $2,000 and following the unit system to keep risk management in check, even if I had WON both bets, I would be -$180 after the package cost (YES AFTER WINNING). I kept thinking there had to be more to it but there wasn't. This was NOT one incident. One bet I got I would have needed to have around a $60,000 bankroll just to break even after factoring in the cost of the package...this needs to be way more transparent and or they need to allow for refunds when you can't even expect to breakeven even while can dream... While he does seem fairly transparent on losing weekends and such (props to him for that and was honestly the reason I gave him a shot), there is just no way you can make his packages worthwhile without a good size bankroll. I could see it working for people with maybe $20,000+ to sports bet with, but other than that you just can't trust his packages to make you anything but put you in the hole. I have around a 20% win rate with him. I honestly can pick more accurately with my own Power Ratings system and will continue to do so from now on while using a simple 3-5% unit system. I'm chalking up all the packages I bought to see how it would pan out as a giant mistake to learn from. Learn how to power rate/rank and create lines on your own, I promise you that you will be way better off than spending a dime on people like this.

I bought the service. All they do is send you 500 marketing messages. Tried to cancel within 24 hours - before any service provided. They said no. First off - this service is horrible. They don't explain the system until you buy - they just tout a stupid track record. Beyond that - when you buy a product - do not receive what you bought - and then request a refund before any service has been performed you should be issued a refund. It was obvious from the start that this service is a total sham - and once I saw that - I requested a refund and was threatened that they would "fight it". Well - businesses like this should be 100% shut down - and their credit card processor should be taken away from them. I issued a process for a charge back - and would never ever recommend signing up or buying anything from this fraud of a human. For $1750 I basically got 500 messages to buy the $5000 a product - this dude is what is wrong with the internet.

Business is deceiving customers and lying to customers to get them to pay for a service that they do not provide. I purchased a package from Vegas Dave that was a special that included 10 whale picks, once purchased Dave sent 2 picks (1 whale & 1 regular) and 8 plays that combined those 2 plays different ways. I immediately contacted them and was told that was the package i delivered. I explained that the package i purchased included 10 whale plays and was $100/whale play (their advertising). i have been communicating with them since and they are not accusing me of Fraud because i am asking for a refund and that the package i received is the package I bought. They are a scam and will lie and cheat to get people to buy these packages. Once you purchase a certain package they will not provide the service. I have attached a photo of the advertising.

Submitted by "topochico" on 11/23/2021

New Review Submitted for on 11/23/2021

Dimers is awesome!

I use Dimers daily to help me make my bets. They offer a lot of great services all for free. Things they offer like betting trends, player props, daily picks, and Quick Picks are very useful to me. Also they have a lot of exclusive promos to new books I have signed up for as well. Couple of pretty cool and informative sports betting podcasts I listen too as well.

Follow them on Twitter at @DimersCom too, a lot of useful info and insights they post there too.

Give a try, you won't be disappointed.

Submitted by "Rogerwilco" on 11/23/2021

New Review Submitted for on 11/20/2021

So cute how the serial con artist has transformed himself into a lovable loud Barstool jackass personality.


Submitted by "StuFeinerVictim" on 11/20/2021

New Complaint Reported for on 11/19/2021

I purchase a seven day access plan and I did'nt receive no access to none of the picks for those 7 days. I tried calling the customer support number it went straight to dial tone as if their contact number was not in service. So yes I got rip off big time. So be very careful with this so called company spend your money at your own risk.

Submitted by "JerryG117" on 11/19/2021

New Review Submitted for on 11/18/2021


Looks like the con artists at "ATS WINS" just got acquired by Raketech PLC, a public company who trades under the symbol "RAKE.ST", will be interesting to see if regulators will now want to investigate their shady scam business practices used to defraud customers in the USA now that a public company owns them.

Article below:

ATS Wins runs one of the biggest sports tout scams in the USA. They run massive phone rooms where they use high pressure sales tactics to scam people as well as run sophisticated auto monthly charge subscriptions that are a nightmare to cancel to steal peoples money.

Here is an article about the owner and president of ATS Wins (Jordan Runco), and how ATS Consultants as they used to be called used fake betting tickets to scam customers into thinking they actually know what they are talking about or actually turn a profit betting on sports:

He blamed it on a "marketing" error lol YEAH OK! I guess once the sportsbooks saw they were posting fake betting tickets for large sums of money claiming to be bet at their sportsbook, that raised a few flags and the books exposed them! Scammers! How are these guys not in jail? Let alone being acquired and now promoted by a public company?

I had no idea their scam was this BIG! Looks like they run a $8-$9 million dollar a year scam. I know they scammed me out of $10k but this is INSANE!

Submitted by "Alphabrain9" on 11/18/2021

New Review Submitted for on 11/12/2021

Buyer beware. Jaythompson is a joke. Not only is this guy wrong more than he is right. He doesn’t send the picks after payment. 1st round, I pay minutes after his text at 2 pm. 7 pm rolls around and still no picks but games started. He sends the 2 picks for games that haven’t started and goes 1-1. 2nd round, I pay minutes after his text. 4 emails and multiple requests they haven’t replied or sent picks. Complete scam. With so many other options stay far away from this guy. 

Submitted by "Thewah63" on 11/12/2021

New Complaint Reported for on 11/9/2021

I bought tips one of the tipsters! of this site which ıs They have a %90 hit ratio and I know it's my fault. :-) Also their licences are fake for sure. Anyway when I bought tips, ( their hit ratıo drop to %40's. But they didn't change results.(yet) By the time all tipster sites on are simultaneous. They renew at the same time. (new tips. records, etc.) Maybe all the sites owned by the same person or scammer community.

Submitted by "Ashina" on 11/9/2021

New Review Submitted for on 11/7/2021

 These guys are real deal, anyone who wants proof feel free to email me,

I've been with them since 2016 and haven't looked at another service since.

There is the occasional higher lined selection so if you don't have a big enough bankroll to handle it then they aren't for you.

Follow them religiously with a unit scale budget that matches your bankroll and the only thing that's going to piss you off is why you didn't try them sooner.

I have already made my first mil with them and nearing on my second, don't believe me I'll send you proof of bankroll/tickets.

Good Luck to all and hope this helps anyone out there that's been wondering if they are for real or not.



Submitted by "DI2021" on 11/7/2021

New Review Submitted for on 10/29/2021

The best app for Sports Betting! You can follow the best handicappers in the world or place your own picks for free and win a prize $$$ every month! It’s really fun and easy to use. You can also chat in the app and have fun during the games. I’ve been making a lot of money since a joined. Download it you won’t regret!

Submitted by "LMtipster" on 10/29/2021

New Review Submitted for on 10/29/2021

Kingpin is a really great service, they rank the top handicappers. I like companies that do stuff like this and show us which guys are the real deals and which are the frauds.  The best thing is you can see how each handicapper ranks compared to others, follow their picks, and see their betting history.  for $29.99, it's quite the steal.

Submitted by "BigBetsOnNBA" on 10/29/2021

New Review Submitted for on 10/28/2021
bottom level pick service. promises wins if you just stick with them. been using them for over a month and my best day was a 1 unit gain. most days losing 5-15 units. tried football and basketball lock club. don’t use them unless you want to lose money 

Submitted by "timmytot119" on 10/28/2021

New Review Submitted for on 10/26/2021

Ryan Bender Bet $100,000 that Steve Steven's is a FAKE (VIP Sports Las Vegas)

Submitted by "BenderWinsFan" on 10/26/2021

New Review Submitted for on 10/22/2021

All these tout radio clowns hide behind the fact they get air time on ESPN or other major networks. This guy is no different.

I heard him pushing his nonsense on the radio so I gave his picks a try for a few weekends and let me tell you for a 100% fact this guy cannot make you money betting on sports despite his nonsense claims of being an expert or whatever on the radio. So don't waste your time and money.

I only paid him a small amount so I could care less about that, but the money I lost betting his shitty picks I can't get that back.

Just because ESPN lets you on the radio at 2am in the morning for god knows what reason (probably because you pay them for that air time), doesn't mean you know shit about betting on sports Joe, your picks suck! Consistently suck!

Submitted by "red909" on 10/22/2021