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Found 3,747 Active Handicappers
Showing: 1-100 of 3,747

We here at CapperTek have compiled the largest sports handicapper directory currently available on the web. Our directory lists EVERY single sports handicapping service that has ever operated or done business on the web since 1998. We keep updated service status letting you know the live status for each service listed in the directory, whether they are currently active and in business or defunct. We have custom web crawling spiders that scan the web each day finding new services that come online and automatically add them to the capper directory. We also try to provide updated contact information, social media accounts, and screenshots for every service we have listed. Looking for winning cappers? Check out the leaderboard to find the best handicappers on the planet.

What is a sports handicapper?

When you're betting on sports, you may see the words "handicapper" or "handicapping" thrown around. There're interesting words but aren't very self-explanatory, so if you're new to the world of sports betting, you may be wondering what they mean. We'll look at who a sports handicapper is, what they do in their line of work, and how they can help you when betting on your favorite sports.

What is a handicapper in relation to sports betting?

Handicapping has a couple of different meanings. For example, in golf, a handicapper is the person responsible for assigning players' handicaps, ranking them to allow them to enter competitions that are suited to their skill level. However, that's not what we mean when we refer to handicapper in relation to sports betting. In this instance, the term refers to someone who studies and analyzes sporting events to find an edge when placing bets on games. Anyone can do it, but professional handicappers will spend hours pouring over facts, figures, and statistics in the hope of finding a nugget of information that'll give them an advantage when filling in their betting slip. The factors handicappers may look at include past performance in similar games, the number of back-to-back away games a team has competed in, injuries, and the form of individual players. They may even have developed their own statistical models to help them do this. Some handicappers keep their insight to themselves, while others may share them. At CapperTek, we provide a robust platform for sports handicappers around the world to document, track, and sell their sports picks to sports bettors.

What are the different types of handicappers?

Some handicappers get involved in just about anything that they can bet on, making picks for football through the fall and winter, basketball in the spring, and tennis and golf during the summer. These are often referred to as "generalists". However, most handicappers prefer to specialize, focusing on one or two sports, rather than spreading their attention thinly across a broader selection. This allows them to spend longer researching, analyzing, and making their picks. It's hard to say exactly which type is better, as there are great handicappers in both groups. At least in theory though, specialists should do better as they have the time to build a better understanding of their chosen sport. Some handicappers will base their picks on models that they've developed, feeding in data that they collect to make predictions. These are not infallible but can have strong track records in making winning picks. Other sports handicappers prefer to base their predictions on opinion and feeling. That's not to say they're just spitting in the wind, they still use their research to form these opinions, but they prefer not to have prescribed systems make the decisions for them. You'll find every type of bet covered by handicappers too. Some may prefer one type of bet, such as a moneyline or a spread, others will vary their bet type depending on the odds on offer and the insight that they've gained from their research. That said, the most common betting picks are:

  • Moneyline Picks
  • Total (Over/Under) Picks
  • Against the Spread Picks
  • Parlay Picks
  • Prop Picks

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